• It's the deadliest jail in the state.

    The Virginia AG is calling for a Federal investigation into how Hampton Roads is being run. Although it's jail, and jail is and should be punitive, serving a sentence shouldn't be inhumane. Inmates shouldn't be tortured or denied proper medical care. That's a basic human right. Inmates shouldn't die for lack of medical care.

  • Yes, the guards should have done more.

    Yes, the guards did not do their jobs to the fullest in regards to the recent death of an inmate. Former inmate states that the inmate in question was repeatedly throwing up blood for several weeks. He also requested medical attention but all requested were ignored. As a prison guard, it is your duty to both protect the prison and offer assistance to the inmates in the prison system. For this reason, I believe the guards were negligent.

  • Of course they should have

    The treatment of prisoners in our jail system is horrific, and across the country police officers turn a blind eye to what's going on. Guards often have a God complex because of the authority granted to them by the state and the lack of oversight. This means that they will just sit and watch a man die over the course of a few days without ever once getting him help.

  • Yes, the guards should have done more to assist the prisoner.

    Yes, the guards should have done more to assist the prisoner when he fell ill. A guard's duty is to ensure that a prisoner does not escape and that he or she remains healthy. When the prisoner fell ill, it was the guards' responsibility to seek help and ensure that he survives.

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