• Music vs Nostalgia

    I think people confuse good music with nostalgic music. Themes such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park will last an eternity, but that is because they are catchy (which undeniably takes lots of talent to compose.) However, John Williams's music does not move me. You know that epic feeling that you get when you hear an incredible part in the music, where you're on the edge of your seat and get goosebumps? I have never gotten that feeling while listening to any of his soundtracks. I HAVE gotten that feeling while listening to Hans Zimmer. I don't care if John Williams has more intricate melodies or denser harmonies, because ultimately, music is meant to inspire and move us.

  • Hans Zimmer, in my opinion.

    I love both composers and their music. But, I find Hans Zimmer to be a better composer due to the drama in his music. John Williams is the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Superman composer while Hans Zimmer is the The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, and Man of Steel composer. I truly love both of their music though.

  • Technically speaking more talented

    Zimmer's work is a lot more technical and impressive from a technique/music theory standpoint. Williams' has an incredible list of iconic music from lots of different movie eras. The dude is prolific and incredible. I love his music.

    That said, what is catchy isn't always the best music. Zimmer's music is sooooo much more dynamic and living. Peaks and valleys, you live and die in his songs. You could study music theory for a lifetime and still be blown away by Hans. His music would have worked without movies, he would have rivaled Beethoven if he had lived back then. Comparing the two Williams has more catchy hooks in little snippits that are great but not a lot of depth, but Hans are pure masterpieces that take the full score to truly appreciate.
    Both are incredible in different ways but I'd take Hans by a bit, his music is truly timeless.

  • I love them both, but Hans Zimmer blew my mind on Interstellar.

    I got no real technical critic on any of them, i just know that Zimmer sometimes uses some of the material of his old compositions one the new ones with some tweaks (gladiator and PoTC for example are very similar, just a different rythme and some other teaks) , but as far as i know, John Williams has people to Compose for him and then decides which compositions he signs in his name. Any ways, I find Zimmer´s movies in general more enjoyable. The docking scene in interstellar, time (origin) along with PoTC and Lion King really earns hima spot in my nº1 score composer.

  • Class over sentiment

    I love Williams. Used to watch the Star Wars Death Star scene on VHS every morning before going to school. I didn't know then how much of an influence Williams had on bringing that scene to life. With this and the other classics the warm feeling will last forever I'm sure.
    But - having been a massive fan of Zimmer for years now I think he's set the bench with Interstellar. So original and rich, a less is more approach and study in subtlety. It has it's booming moments but the timing is perfect. I can't criticise Williams but with Interstellar Zimmer has shown incredible originality and gets my vote

  • Subtle, Original, Immense

    Interstellar - never heard anything like it. The Zimmer - Nolan partnership keeps delivering the most immersive cinema around. Both Zimmer and Williams are a class apart but Interstellar sets the bench. Great timing and simplicity, a totally unique approach to scoring a film of this genre. Confirms his superiority

  • Zimmer is best

    Hans Zimmer has so much more sensitive and emotional scores, Williams has done great job at movies he has done. But if Williams made score for let's say Inception or Dark Knight it would sound horrible - He's good at composing bombastic, loud soundtracks, but Zimmer is so much better in composing by my opinion

  • John Williams too brassy

    Hans' style tends to use more strings than williams' music does, so it creates more of a feel to it and can express wider emotions. But Williams uses brass more Ryan strings and is okay in some situations, but watching the early Star Wars prequels, I felt that it needed zimmer' music and gas too brassy

  • Hans is the best

    He has got more variation in his music than Williams and that is the point where he is unique. But i like both they both have same level of qualities. I have seen almost all movies of both and have found that Hans can give score for more type of movies than Williams.

  • Hans is the best

    He has got more variation in his music than Williams and that is the point where he is unique. But i like both they both have same level of qualities. I have seen almost all movies of both and have found that Hans can give score for more type of movies than Williams.

  • Hm, Which one

    More enjoyable and bright, with the good movies, done get me wrong i love the batman theme and all but i just personally like John Williams better, I dont know if they already have or not but they should collab and make a good song. SO overall- John Williams :)

  • La La La La LAAAA

    Coming from a tuba player, Close Encounters of the Third Kind has to push John Williams above Zimmer. Zimmer is fantastic; he is my second favourite movie composer, but the mothership in close encounters of the third kind (A TUBA :) ) just completely and utterly does it for me :)

  • John Williams the best composer ever

    Hans Zimmer is a great composer but lacks any kind of depth. John Williams music on the other hand has 10000 times more depth. Every kid you ask to hum a melody, they will hum jaws theme, Star Wars theme, The Imperial March, Schindler`s List main theme and so on, so on.

  • Star Wars OP

    Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars

  • THE BEST movie score maker ever!

    He has created classic scores such as Jurassic Park, Superman, Batman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and many more. Hans Zimmer is a great musical score writer, with Inception and all, but no where near as great as John Williams. As I said before John Williams is THE BEST musical score writer of all time

  • John Williams and Hans Zimmer are Different in What They Do

    Although Hans Zimmer is a renowned composer, that does not mean his music is high quality. He is slightly overrated and his fans drive me crazy. I mean, I love some of his music, but honestly when I digest and take apart his music, it's all very generic chords and rhythms of modern/pop music today.
    His music aren't really themes but are more soundtracks. By this, I mean that each of his scores isn't "assigned" to a certain character in the movie but is rather emotionally bound to a certain scene.
    Anyhow, overall, Zimmer's music is somewhat low-qual and boring to listen to after a while. However, his music does evoke strong emotions.

    Now...John Williams! My man! He is perhaps the greatest composer of this new age. His music is completely original and unique from each other. By this I mean that you can actually tell his soundtracks apart from each other unlike Inception or Dark Knight or Interstellar (rip zimmer).
    Each and every one of Williams' scores has it's own character and feeling to it. Williams' is also, by default, much more experienced and educated in the composing arts so it is no question his music is more mature and perfected than Hans Zimmer's.

    Well, overall, I'm not trying to be to hard on Zimmer, but Williams is definitely the better composer. Zimmer makes emotional, "epic" soundtracks while Williams composes original, motion-picture masterpieces.

  • Nothing to say.

    I'm just gonna randomly type to fill the box. John Williams without a doubt. Thirty Six more words to go. Is it over yet ? No. Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. Done.

  • Schindler's list... Need I say more?

    I'll start off by saying Hans zimmer is cool. Arguably his most moving piece is "Time." My only problem with the song is that it's just the same few notes repeated over and over again at climbing and falling dynamics and more brass at the climax. In my opinion, the most moving piece by John Williams is the theme from schindlers list. It not only portrays the pains of being Jewish during the holocaust, but it also represents the pain of humanity. The pains of life and the liberty of death. If you can tell me after listening to this piece that John Williams doesn't have as much emotion in his music.... I will be pretty surprised. Not to mention the soloist on this song is named the best violinist in the world... Thank you for your time :3

  • John Williams is Incredible

    Both compose great music, but there is something special about John Williams music that isn't there in full with Hans Zimmer. There are similarities, parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides soundtrack sound fairly similar to the Harry Potter soundtrack. I personally prefer the feeling of John Williams music, but again, they are both great.

  • John Fucking Williams

    1967 Valley of the Dolls Best Score Adaptation Nominated
    1969 Goodbye, Mr Chips Best Score Adaptation Nominated
    The Reivers Best Original Score Nominated
    1971 Fiddler on the Roof Best Scoring Adaptation and Original Song Score Won
    1972 Images Best Original Dramatic Score Nominated
    The Poseidon Adventure Best Original Dramatic Score Nominated
    1973 Cinderella Liberty Best Original Dramatic Score Nominated
    "Nice to Be Around" (from Cinderella Liberty) Best Original Song Nominated
    Tom Sawyer Best Score Adaptation Nominated
    1974 The Towering Inferno Best Original Score Nominated
    1975 Jaws Best Original Dramatic Score Won
    1977 Star Wars Best Original Score Won
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind Best Original Score Nominated
    1978 Superman Best Original Score Nominated
    1980 The Empire Strikes Back Best Original Score Nominated
    1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark Best Original Score Nominated
    1982 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Best Original Score Won
    "If We Were in Love" (from Yes, Giorgio) Best Original Song Nominated
    1983 Return of the Jedi Best Original Score Nominated
    1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Best Original Score Nominated
    The River Best Original Score Nominated
    1987 Empire of the Sun Best Original Score Nominated
    The Witches of Eastwick Best Original Score Nominated
    1988 The Accidental Tourist Best Original Score Nominated
    1989 Born on the Fourth of July Best Original Score Nominated
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Best Original Score Nominated
    1990 Home Alone Best Original Score Nominated
    "Somewhere in My Memory" (from Home Alone) Best Original Song Nominated
    1991 JFK Best Original Score Nominated
    "When You're Alone" (from Hook) Best Original Song Nominated
    1993 Schindler's List Best Original Score Won
    1995 Nixon Best Original Dramatic Score Nominated
    Sabrina Best Original Musical or Comedy Score Nominated
    "Moonlight" (from Sabrina) Best Original Song Nominated
    1996 Sleepers Best Original Dramatic Score Nominated
    1997 Amistad Best Original Dramatic Score Nominated
    1998 Saving Private Ryan Best Original Dramatic Score Nominated
    1999 Angela's Ashes Best Original Score Nominated
    2000 The Patriot Best Original Score Nominated
    2001 A.I. Artificial Intelligence Best Original Score Nominated
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Best Original Score Nominated
    2002 Catch Me If You Can Best Original Score Nominated
    2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Best Original Score Nominated
    2005 Memoirs of a Geisha Best Original Score Nominated
    Munich Best Original Score Nominated
    2011 The Adventures of Tintin Best Original Score Nominated
    War Horse Best Original Score Nominated
    2012 Lincoln Best Original Score Nominated
    2013 The Book Thief Best Original Score Nominated
    2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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