Harvey Beaks (Yes) vs The amazing world of Gumball (No)

Asked by: RyanTheGamer
  • Harvey Beaks-Makeing Gumball foolish again

    There are many reasons to choose harvey over gumball:
    1.More Music
    2.Chracters that match with the show
    3.Better Refrences
    4.Different Settings
    5.Better Jokes
    6.Less Censorship (you would like that reason if you watch this channel
    7.Better Lessons
    8.It's not a rip off
    In other words,comparing Harvey Beaks to Gumball is like comparing Trump with Hillary

  • Birdy boy isnt gf you bc goombal give me al succc

    Listen butthead i will ht you with my dad if you ever get in my way check out my youtube channle skydoesminecraft.Com btw i am gonna hit you bird boy 1v1 do you think u can beat me boi i do weed and hit gum but im all outta ass

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