Has American intervention in Iraq done more harm than good?

  • Not good at all

    It has obviously done more harm than good.It was an intervention for its own interest . Saddam was ready to trade in euro for oil instead of dollar.This was conflicting with the interests of US.All the reason given by America proved to be false and could really justify its reason for intervention.US went to Iraq for its own reason .The situation there has worsen for a fact and cannot be denied.Same crimes against humanity are being committed except than not the Iraqi government does not infere with the interest of us

  • Spreading democracy to the world by destroying dictatorship,socialism and small state communist countries

    The Americans wanted to spread democracy to Iraq.That's why they sent troops to Iraq. And by the way Americans were targeting to the middle east countries and African countries because they want oil for their country.Mean while the soviets or Russians were spreading communism to the world the American's wanted to spread democracy.So the American's targeted dictatorship countries,socialism countries and small communist state countries.So Iraq was a dictatorship country.So the Americans targeted Iraq . So this conflict is related to that. So the Americans has no right to intervention and spreading democracy to Iraq.

  • Human rights crime in Iraq

    It was an intervention of a sovereign country. If democracy is lack in somewhere else in the of it is not business of America to constitute systems in favor of its interests. There had been many crimes by US army in Iraq which are against human rights. America is not the judge of the world. According to principles of international law and also international human rights law, America must get out of the business of sovereign countries such as Afghanistan now. America is the biggest criminal in the terms of human rights and american people are also guilty because of supporting all these crimes by selecting junior Bush for two times as a president. Everyone who supports all these crimes is responsible for each drop of tear and blood that shed anywhere else in the world!

  • We caused bad things

    The U.S. has not done very much for the Middle East. The only things we have done are cause trouble and harm them, and we have refused to stop. We need to honor them and leave, we can still monitor them and see that they do not get a nuclear weapon. We do not have to be there causing harm.

  • Yes

    I feel that the life loss of not only american troops and civilians is to much. Why is this not over and done with, some much pain has been felt on both sides. Also why do we always gotta control and get involved with everthing. The intervention of america in Iraq has done more harm than good I believe.

  • Yes, American intervention is wrong

    American intervention in the middle east has wasted a ton of money, and time that could have been spent on building the middle east. If we would stop stealing from the middle east, there would be more money for everyone, and less murder. Overall I think we should withdraw from the middle east all together.

  • Hundreds of Thousands of Civilians Killed or Kidnapped

    The war in Iraq caused terrorists to enter the country and hundreds of thousands of civilians to be killed or kidnapped for ransom. Anarchy reigned in areas where American troops weren't present. American troops were killed and the invasion cost American taxpayers billions of dollars. Yes, we got Saddam Hussein, but it wasn't our job to depose him.

  • So far no good.

    So far, the American intervention in Iraq has not been very successful. The country is "free," but the government is corrupt and terrorists are everywhere. From the perspective of the US, it is even worse, because the Iraq war was a huge fixture in terrorist propaganda. If Iraq becomes a peaceful, model democracy, then perhaps it will work out-- but, so far, things are not good.

  • No, Iraq was a threat.

    No, American intervention in Iraq has not done more harm than good, because there were many threats in Iraq that the United States did a good job addressing. Leadership in Iraq committed many atrocities against there own people. The U.S. actions in Iraq were important to addressing the humanitarian crisis, if nothing else.

  • American Intervention in Iraq has done more good than harm.

    United States of America's illegal intervention into Iraq has definitely done more good because the policies which have been implemented post-intervention have helped the local people/citizens tremendously. Overnight. The eight years since the ouster of Saddam Hussein have been traumatic both to Iraqis and Americans. But at the same time, the shared experience has built relationships and sympathies between the two populations that run deep. Even Americans who lament the U.S. Intervention in Iraq must realize that their country made a large investment there and that there are benefits to some sort of ongoing relationship.

  • Not really.

    It can obviously be argued both ways. The Middle East is broken, and we're trying to fix it. Is it our job? Not really. Should we leave and focus on getting our oil from home? Yes. But as far as what we've done in Iraq, I should hope the positives outweigh the negatives. If anything, it has drawn attention to the situation.

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