• Yes, he dies 40 times !

    If you thought Sean Bean, Vincent Price, and Bela Lugosi's death numbers were high, think again! The true King of Movie Deaths is John Hurt, whose characters have ended up six feet under in at least 40 movies and miniseries since his career began in the 1960s. If you want to know what it's like on the other side, he's probably the man to ask!

  • No, Nobidy has died more onscreen.

    I agree with this statement that John Hurt is the all time king of onscreen deaths in movies and TV. He has past away in 44 different movies and shows through his illustrious career. They tops the second place contender Bela Lugasi who has perished only 36 times in moves and TV.

  • I think Sean Bean has died more.

    Sean Bean has died in almost every single movie he has been in. The only exception I can think of is The Martian. However, he's died in every other movie or tv show I have ever seen him in, most notably in the first Lord of the Rings movie and Game of Thrones.

  • No one died onscreen more than John Hurt

    Relying on simply statistical data, John Hurt has indeed died onscreen the most, amounting a total of 43 onscreen deaths. In comparison Sean Bean has amounted a total of 25 deaths. His rate of death per film however, is .31. Sean bean has a rate of .32 which could imply that at this rate if he stars in the same number of movies as John Hurt he could surpass him. As it stand now though, John Hurt holds the record for dying the most on screen.

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