• Yes, it seems so.

    there is no point in politicians whinging and whining about companies acting LEGALLY to minimise their tax burden.
    What the government needs to do is CHANGE THE TAX LAWS. Companies are only doing whatever they can to maximize profit retention for their owners - that's their job! If this is a problem, then blame the legislators!

  • Yes, they are skirting the goal of fair play enshrined in net neutrality laws.

    AT&T has been acting in an immoral fashion by skirting the goals of fair play enshrined in net neutrality laws. The purpose of net neutrality laws is to keep internet service providers from favoring their own content to the detriment of other participants: in short, to create a fair playing field where all ideas have equal value. However, by excepting their own video content from counting against the total usage in a consumer's plan, the company guarantees that their own service will receive an advantage. Even if this is not specifically against the statute, it certainly goes against the spirit of the law and is immoral, if not illegal.

  • Yes, they are.

    AT&T has been acting in an immoral fashion by testing the limits of net neutrality laws. While it seems like they are doing a great service for their loyal customers, they are skirting the intent of the law by allowing their mobile customers to avoid data overages when using their network.

  • AT&T is a competitive company

    No, AT&T has not been acting in an immoral fashion; rather, they are trying to stay competitive in a very crowded field. AT&T offers unique and superior products, but there are challenges in bringing those products to market. It is hard to fault AT&T for doing what they think they need to in order to stay competitive.

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