Has Barack Hussain Obama done more bad for America, than good?

Asked by: juster04
  • Homelessness in America rises

    The big thing, most Democrats are trying to brag about, is that the Obama Administration has lowered the unemployment rate by spectacular numbers. The problem is though, is that those numbers are skewed and many people don't even realize it. In order to be classified as unemployed you need to not have a job and ACTIVLY be looking for one. Today in America with our population we are having more kids than producing jobs and people just give up on looking for those jobs, that's why many homeless are considered homeless.

  • He's a powerhungry selfish dick

    Your Title doesn't really point out which side is which... No could mean yes I think he's great and yes could mean No I think he sucks.
    But.. Overall I just don't like him apparantly he conducted more secret CIA programs in foreign countries than any president before, enough reason for me to not trust the man. Plus he's got a way to good PR team, everyone saying he's all cool n all.. JFK.. JFK was cool. This guy has a good PR team..

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3DPrinter says2016-09-19T23:13:15.107
He basically is George Bush as he carried his policies. Yes, he has caused more damage. He has stated that 97% of drone strikes kill civilians. Such and such. Basically a person that still lives in September in 2001. Just a plain pussy.