• Yes, Brexit has caused more unstable actions from citizens.

    The Brexit vote to leave the European Union has caused more unstable actions by British citizens. There have been reports that the Brexit vote has stoked the flames of anti-immigration sentiment in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the vote made many in Great Britain question whether capitalism and free trade is even a good thing. Reducing trade with other countries will create more instability for the British economy.

  • Brexit vote encourages unrest

    The controversial vote of whether Britain should leave the EU has raised the question of whether this will cause British citizens to rebel and become more violent. I believe that this is true: because Britain has now decided to exist on their own, its citizens will be encouraged to create a kind of anarchy within the region.

  • Brexit has not caused citizens' unstable actions.

    Brexit is a complex and emotional issue that has both strong support and strong opposition. Whether Brexit won the election or not there would have been protests and instability. The true effects of Brexit will become evident over the coming months and years, causing some people to be unhappy and others to be relieved.

  • No, it's just an economic issue.

    Brexit is just an issue pertaining to the world economy. I don't think it would incur any problems in the United States, but the same cannot be said in the United Kingdom. Surely, some may be very upset at the conclusion. Just because Brexit is happening at the same time that police brutality is happening does not mean anything credible or significant.

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