• One chlid policy is old news.

    China thought that limiting children would be beneficial to the country. In effect it may have done more harm than good. So many infants were given up to orphanages or even possibly killed that society began to lack differences in people. Everyone wanted a male child because of the role they played which hurts society by limiting who can reproduce and make a different society.

  • Yes, having one child per family has benefitted the Chinese economy

    By limiting families to one child, with heavy fines for violating this policy, China has helped their economy. It has been a long term effect but with only one child per family there is now a smaller work force which means there is less unemployment. However I feel this policy only benefits the economy and I am against it in every other regard, especially concerning the fact that it holds the male sex much higher and is even allowing families who had a girl another chance to bear a boy.

  • No, China's one child policy harmed economy

    Child's one child policy decreases the population in order to prevent overpopulation. Although it succeeded in preventing overpopulation, establishing this policy has drawbacks. There is decreased consumption and investment due to a decreased number of children, which outweighs the positive effects of decreased unemployment. Consumption and investment come hand in hand with a larger population and are actually essential to a thriving economy.

  • One Child Policy Not Beneficial to Economy

    China's one child policy has hurt the economy more than helped it. With a shortage of women in China, there has been an unbalanced workforce population with women in high demand. The inability of many men to marry due to such a shortage has stalled family growth, which has caused a decrease in spending in many industries.

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