• yes it has

    If you have ever been to any of the national parks in Alaska you can already see the significant damage that has been. We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to occur to some of our most valued national treasures of pristine beauty. We are ruining it for ourselves.

  • Yes, climate change is already causing significant damage to protected national parks.

    Over two years ago, a report issued by 'Scientific American' outlined the emergence of more extreme weather conditions throughout a majority of the national parks. This included not only extreme temperature readings, but also extreme wet or dry conditions, often attributed to a change in overall temperature and a shift in weather patterns. These changes are causing significant damage.

  • Yes, climate change has damaged national parks

    Climate change has damaged all of the environment including the national parks. The warming temperatures have effected the earth from the ocean life and its bleached coral reefs to the melting of the ice caps at the north pole. The national parks are also effected due to all the visitors and less resources to mitigate the damage.

  • Climate change CAUSED BY HUMANS is not responsible.

    Co2 emissions are not the sole reason that these parks are suffering. It depends what you are bringing up, global warming or cooling? Records show evidence of cooling beginning to rise. If climate change is to blame, humans are not at fault. The climate changes naturally over decades, and has always done so.

  • No, national parks are going strong despite the climate change.

    I believe that climate change can have an effect on our national parks, however, it is not significant enough that they will no longer thrive. Nature has a way of bouncing back, despite how the climate changes. Trees will continue to grow, and the glaciers are more abundant than ever. While there may be damage, it is not huge enough that we will lose our parks.

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