• Education has changed for the worst

    The U.S. seems to think It's a smart idea to compete with other Countries, such as Japan. The amount of pressure put onto young students today is unbelievable. Kids don't get to have fun anymore, because they need to pass yet another test or do 10 more pages of homework. What happened to those kids who want to be plumbers? Or girls that want to work with hair? Why does school nowadays try to force specific areas onto children, such as math? This needs to stop, NOW!

  • Education needs a lot of work

    I believe that the quality of education in the United States has dramatically declined over the course of the past decade. I think that budget cuts have forced teachers and the U.S. education system to "make due" with what's available as opposed to investing in gathering the best materials possible to teach our kids.

  • Yes, the education changed for the worst.

    You see, it isn't just rich students that sometimes want to benefit from small class sizes and direct interaction with a professor and not some 21 year old TA who just finished college last year. Sometimes poor students also want the opportunity to be more than a social security number. Sometimes they want to learn from someone who actually works in the field for which they are training. Sometimes students who don’t have a car and can’t afford to leave home want the same chance to earn a degree as the kid who gets to live in one of those fancy dorms with private bathrooms and climbing walls in the basement or drive mom’s car to and from campus every day. Sometimes students want to be able to put food on the table, earn a credential, and be there to read stories and tuck their kids into bed at night. Poor students have the same dreams for their own kids as their wealthier peers, and, like you, they know that being there, in the home, even if tucked away in a quiet corner working on their computer, is better for their kids than leaving them unattended to run off to night college.

  • Today's education system is nothing but a social expierentment

    I am a senior in high school and as much as I enjoy school and learning, the education is failing me. For example, I have an anatomy and physiology class that I am enrolled in, I've only had the class for 8 weeks so far and I have learned a lot of new information. Yet I have a D in the class. Another example is what I am going to college for has not been taught to me in high school. High school is supposed to prepare you for college and the real world and all it is doing is holding me back from what I want to become. It is lowering my grade point average and making me look stupid even though I am learning. All high school does is let us socialize with peers.

  • Spoon Fed Material

    There is a certain curriculum that teachers must follow and this creates are robotic system in the classroom. In my district one of our teachers was forced to resign because of his unorthodox teaching style. However the only thing he was doing differently was letting us make mistakes instead of spoon feeding ever single thing. Although i think the issue stems mostly in America compared with other countries

  • Teachers aren't monitored properly in public schools and teaching is poor in some cases.

    I once had a tech teacher who would call me and my classmates names and consistently put us down because we would make mistakes, even know making mistakes is part of learning. The head teacher did not care about any pupils and only cared about the reputation of the school. There was a lot of young teachers with no experience who had just finished college/university who were clearly not fit for teaching yet. There are also a lot of teachers who are very biased towards certain pupils too, especially girls. This shows that these teachers are not doing their jobs properly and don't realise the importance of education

  • How they do math is bad for kids learning

    They made it a lot harder because they put Pearson in and they now give homework to kindergartners which is just wrong if you want them to learn don't give them homework there supposed to have fun at that age but if they have homework they can't have any fun

  • Quality over quantity?

    I am a sophomore in high school and I do believe that education in general is muddled in so many issues. It seems that it prefers quantity over quality, as to reflect that they are doing "better" quantity wise but students are lacking so many basic skills which is truly grave. I do also believe that the idea of standardized education has also affected the way that students incubate and cultivate, harnessing their potential. Standardizing things have limited the potential of so many people who are talented in many different fields, other than math and science, which the world seems to be shifting it's focus to. Although I love both fields, I believe that their focus is also shifted, with an iron rule and law which people have to follow or they'll otherwise fail. As a person who believes that quality is better than quantity, I believe that education have failed me and my classmates who are although failing, are true geniuses. It angers me the value that the U.S education upholds to and it sadness me that this will take a lot of time to change with recent movements and groups who are trying to innovate and change the way that education works today.

  • Government Involvement = Worst Education.

    Nothing could be worse than having government basically dictate classrooms to fulfill testing fantasy. Teachers used to get a degree to learn the arts of teaching and that was a huge reason why they were teachers to start. They knew how to teach and wanted to. Now, the whole curriculum is not only dictated to you but teacher evaluations are based on "check lists" rather than ability. The reason? Maybe it's a gravy train that leads all the way back to politicians. Why does an 8th grader have to start being tracked for their future major? I just wanted pass and be a freshman.

    When school goes back to the older, better, ways then students will learn again.

  • Lack of overall character development

    The world's meaning of education has changed; the character development of young minds is not encouraged anymore. The globalized world only believes in teaching kids about technology and its education. Marks are the only thing that students care about; gaining marks and not knowledge is the major mindset in people. No importance is given to improving a person's character, physical fitness or even social independence. All that a child learns about is technological developments; sports and social lives have been long forgotten. How can a child learn to live in a society, along with many other people, without even knowing how to communicate or interact properly without the use of social media?

  • World Standard Higher

    The US educational system has not really decreased, however the global standards of education have increased. So the US appears stupider, not because of worse education, but because of high standards. As other countries have increased their educational standards, the US has remained the same, but that does not mean the US education has gotten worse. Merely the opposition is often superior.

  • Education System Still Fixable

    Education is only at its worst when the system completely fails. Like it or not, public schools are here to stay. Local tax levies need to be increased to give our kids better public schools, better facilities and higher-paid teachers. Schools haven't failed our kids. Parents have failed our kids. Fathers who won't take responsibility for being a dad and abandon their women are more of a problem for kids than their teachers. Education begins at home.

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