• Does God even exist?

    The question you should be asking yourself if he exist. Many people grew up since young to believe in him (like Santa Claus). I'm a free thinker. Back to the topic, We are all doing this by ourselves. God has nothing to do with it. When god would abandon humanity is when the Earth has no more natural resources, oxygen and overpopulated by Humans and it's already end of the world. I think we should live the life to the fullest.

  • This question can only be answered on the basis of feeling, belief and intuition

    It is my intuition that God has long since abandoned the human race. He/she/it came to Earth millions of years ago, casually dumped/tossed the seed upon the Earth that formed humanity, and then subsequently went running as fast as he/she/it could to the other side of the Universe (as far away from us as possible). If I was God, why would I want anything to do with the zit/blight/filth/scourge on this planet that is humanity?

  • Humans were just a basement project

    For statters I don't get why he would make humans who happen to look like him and also imprison Satan who was strong enough to convert "Angels" to his cause (unless your stupid, you don't challenge someone unless there's a chance of winning ) , what more humans .It's clear that God knew humans were gonna fall soon or later , it's almost like pushing someone off a plane just to save them and look like a hero .

  • If he loves us then why does he let us kill eachother

    If he cares about us as much as believed then why would he let us torture eachother? Seriously. He let us split his atoms, he let thousands starve to death a day and he lets people die in the most horrific ways possible. If god really did love us and if he really is here for us then why are we abandoned? Pray all you want but a miracle will never come, he has abandoned you, me and everyone else. God is dead and we have killed him.

  • Pineapple on Pizza

    WHY?!?!?! If God ever existed this was the final straw for him. It's bad enough that fruits can walk around in public and get married, but now they are on our pizza?!?!?!?! Jesus died to keep pineapple off our pizzas so we should respect that sacrifice! Might be too much to ask fruits to do that though.

  • I feel lately that God has abandoned the earth.

    I know that humans anthromorphise God and project human qualities upon an abstract force beyond the conceptual mind (ie religeon) I know all phenomena is atomic, connected, infinite and sacred. However after burying my 8year old daughter, and the evil in this world, God can go fuck itself lol lol

  • I think he existed, but we've made him leave.

    He existed at some point. I think so anyway. But in a more believable fashion. The evidence I see for why we've been abandoned is this: what kind of God creates creatures with an uncanny desire to destroy, kill, and dominate? He may not have known, but he abandoned because the entire living gigantic ecosystem of earth is on the verge of collapse and destruction. No life will remain if we keep going the way we're going. Who would let this happen, despite having the power to stop it? I used to have faith in God, then I discovered the horrors of the sixth great extinction. He would have given all creatures a biome that they could thrive with other species in. Every single tiger species is extinct or endangered. One is functionally extinct. None are widespread. Almost all macaws are endangered, three or four species are widespread. The Spix's Macaw has 100 left of their kind. The Javan Rhinoceros had 61 left of their kind. The baishan fir has 3 left of its kind. All elephants and rhinos are endangered. Most pupfish are endangered. Most whales are endangered. There are literally thousands, potentially millions of species out there, with at least a third of them extinct or almost extinct. What God would do this? If he did this deliberately, then he is not worthy of worship. No species should be devoured by the demon of extinction. If god won't help is, we do it ourselves. We fix the earth and god will return having regretted his abandonment of us. We fix the earth, and god exists. You who is reading this, go do something to help these poor creatures. Go inform other people, go tell the world. This may be a bland statement, but it's a serious one. If people continue to brush this off, the earth will wither into a lifeless husk with no chance of reinsertion of new life. Inform people, tell them to look up the IUCN red list. Tell them to read some of it. That will persuade them. If it doesn't, manually inform them of the baishan fir, Spix's Macaw, and Javan rhino. Those are the saddest species I know. And the devil's hole pupfish. Those are the saddest. So do it! Now! We've no time to waste, the end will draw near. Any cathiolic or Christians out there, your god has left, or is a sick fuck. Let's show him. Let's show all disbelievers of humanity's power to resist and refuse natural instinct. Let's fix the earth, then god will return! Hopefully...Let's see. I hope you heed my warning and inform those around you about the oncoming apocalypse to all life and any potential future earth life.

  • Then why is humanity destroying through nature or acts of god.....

    Now a days every time you open the newspaper you will see news of loss of life in natural calamities or logically to be said acts of god. Then is god so cruel? Everyone will say no yes even i agree then say me one thing why is god do all this.... Got the answer. The answer is when we think of god we feel and even listen in stories that if we do wrong god will curse us. So that's fearing god. So why to fear when we have not seen that almighty or my father only.....There is no evidence of his existence.... So i would conclude don't leave god or religion just keep in mind that where there is sat or truth there is no importance of god as even every religion says that karma is dharma or work is worship or in other words truth is god....... A never vanishing truth before humanity..

  • Yes, and God probably doesn't exist.

    I think God doesn't exist, but I will assume he does on this topic.

    If you assume that God hasn't abandoned us, then I assume those that think that are thinking that God just cares about humans. Now this is incredibly narcissist, and wouldn't make sense since there are trillions of species of animals in the known universe, with lots that are smarter than us.

    Next if you say that he cares about us, so hasn't aboundened us and cares about all creatures then this still doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense because there is no evidence that a god cares about us, all the evidence shows that he doesn't. So therefore the only reason people think he hasn't abandoned us, is because they think he does care about us. But all the evidence points he doesn't, so he has always abandoned us, he never seemed to look after us.

  • God became man and dwelt among us. He was crucified to make up for our sins.

    After doing all of this, God would not abandon humanity. He loves humans so much that he was willing to go through this for all of us. He loves us way to much in order to abandon us. Why do you think God died for us, to save us. And what compels you to write this question. What are some signs that God has abandoned us. If anything God is with us.

  • Everything comes from God, because he loves us!

    There is no such things as Good or Bad. It's only Pleasant and Unpleasant. All what happens to the humanity are lessons and should be taken as something that comes from God to teach us, so we can become wiser in the future, to walk that road from being "monkey" to "Jesus". We are not as smart as God to understand why certain events happen such as Wars and deaths of the loved ones. But, in my opinion, it all teaches us to love what we currently have and live in the moment.

  • The silly guy

    The silly guy does a very good dab, like oh my lord without that dab half of hummanaty would be extinct like oh my lord without the silly guy the wrold would be a much much much worse place then it is now, like the war thats happpening in the east would not happen and everything would be a-ok

  • The silly guy

    The silly guy does a very good dab, like oh my lord without that dab half of hummanaty would be extinct like oh my lord without the silly guy the wrold would be a much much much worse place then it is now, like the war thats happpening in the east would not happen and everything would be a-ok

  • We still exist

    I thought about this a lot lately. If you look around you, all the misery and suffering, the apparent pointless existence of every individual, you would tend to believe God has abandoned us. However, much of the destruction in this world is caused by ourselves. So the fact that God didn't wipe us out yet, as we would truly deserve (at least the majority of us), is a proof that He still cares. We should learn not to hate and abuse each other first of all. It is not God's fault we act as we do.

  • If god has abandoned us, humanity would be out of control.

    Why would God abandoned us in the first place? Yes humans have ruined the world which he made but if he didn't like if he could have gotten rid of every thing and start fresh. What about all the happy things in life, sure enough if God abandoned us the Lucifer would take control and more then likely enslave us. Plus think about all the unexplained things.

  • Humanity is abandoning the idea God

    There are many gods and goddesses around the world, and many have lost their place for cult in the present society's. The gods keep on dying, and God is no better then the others.
    As for the question, "Has God abandoned humanity?", I say no, because He was never here.

  • It's the other way around

    We were given the choice to follow God's will or follow our own will in pursuit of joy and purpose outside God. Like navigating through a forest at night without a light or map, we chose to follow our own will. We essentially said that we don't trust in God's will. We make horrible selfish decisions all in pursuit of what we think will make our own lives better. Then once we think we have found it, we wake up the next day unsatisfied and do it all over again and again for the rest of our lives never obtaining fulfillment leaving pain and suffering in our wake. Now take that example and multiply it by almost 7 billion people plus the remnants left behind by those who have lived on the earth and now are dead. Now you have arrived at the state of the world as you know it. God never promised a painless life of ecstacy to those who do not seek, love, and trust Him above all else. The abandonment we collectively feel from God is due to our decision to do the abandoning, not His.

  • No, Humanity has abandoned God

    We have let our trash culture, and poor way of life fulfil our own human ignorance, and we have completely lost our mere purpose for life.

    Yes, There is something beyond us. Atheists can't accept that. Anyone who believes that we and the universe are the results of random chaos and uncoordinated events is highly ignorant, unintelligent and doesn't understand the chaos theory. Chaos does not produce order. It's like throwing a bowl of soup up into the air, and a horse landing back onto the ground. It's simply not possible. The fine tuning of the universe is even more complex.

  • God Loves Us

    God has not abandoned humanity. Humanity has seen much darker times than what we see today, and we must continue to praise and love God. He is our savior, and when He abandons us, we are doomed. We are not abandoned by God, and if we were, we would most definitely know.

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steffon66 says2015-08-25T16:45:24.257
What makes you think he was ever here for us? He put the fate of the world in the hands of two people and we all have to suffer for the sins of two people. He created hell and only puts people who dont believe in it instead of criminals. He forgives anyone who believes and never punishes them. I could go on but i dont know how any of it suggests that he was ever here for us. He lets us all suffer for the sins of our parents. "for i the lord god am a jealous god punishing the children for the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. He allows people and animals to be bought and sold as property and says we have the right to do this. He created our nerves and brains in a way that would make us suffer greatly and then didnt teach us right from wrong making all evil thats done in the name of righteousness his fault. They say god works in mysterious ways. I think people are more mysterious than god in ways as after all this we still believe that he loves us. Now that is mysterious.