• Google+ ruined everything good about YouTube and should go away

    Every second they want you to use your real name. There is no more private messaging so if you want to have a conversation with someone else the whole god damn world has to see it. Stupid freaking picture size demands just to have a profile picture. They basically force you to use their stupid Google+ which everyone hates and doesn't use. So when asking if Google ruined YouTube yes they did. I hate Google

  • If YouTube continues down this road, it will be nothing short of tragic.

    It's become the epitome of commercial. They're trying to make it a social network site. No, I don't wanna use my damn full name. The new layout is terrible. Individuality seems discouraged. Now I can no longer see what my subscriptions have uploaded or liked, etc. I used to enjoy seeing my playlist views, that information is no longer accessible. Google obviously doesn't consider what it's users want, that's very apparent. It's become a pain in the ass when it used to be perfection for me. I'm sad.

  • They've Ruined It

    Yes, Google has ruined the best streaming site of all time. There are ads everywhere on the site, before videos and all over pages, and the site isn't the same anymore. I've noticed that pages don't load as fast as the used to anymore too. It was nice while it lasted.

  • YES

    There's so many ads all over the place that it's sometimes hard to watch a video. On top of that, you sometimes have to watch a thirty second commercial (that you can't skip) to get to a video that's a little over a minute long.

    The search feature is fairly good still, but the videos on the side where it recommends videos to you absolutely stinks now. I also don't like having to jump through huge hoops to now have my name plastered all over everything and it pestering me for my phone number at times.

    No, Google, I'm not giving you my phone number so that I can be stalked even more than I already am by your company.

  • As google plus has been posting my personal comments ........I have been uninvited to thanksgiving, a wedding, and x-mas by my entire family!

    As google plus has been posting my personal comments that I've left on psychotherapist comment sections after 2 weeks of extensive research into dysfunctional family jealousy and envy on Youtube , my family members were able to read me discussing our personal family secrets and illness...I had no idea these were being posted to my goole plus friends and family. Over 157 people were able to read about my most vulnerable betrayals from family and the consequences are that now ....I have been uninvited to thanksgiving, a wedding, and x-mas by my entire family! I feel suicidal and alone. How could google plus be so careless. I can not stop thinking of suicide.

  • It never works anymore

    Let's see - filled it with millions of ads, tries to force you to add your Google accounts and names (if I wanted to, I would do so), asks to join Google+ over and over again, chokes, stutters, doesn't play, doubles audio, stops playing for a while, starts even though you paused it. Made a highly functional, very entertaining app into a soon to be non-usable mess.

    I don't buy the argument millions are streaming at the same time. They were before Google bought it. They have just altered it on the backend in so many ways - ways we are unaware of as Google doesn't publish its intentions nor its changes, just eats up good ideas for the goal to collect information about you and me, how we think, how we buy, what we watch, what we search then sells it to anyone that will buy that information.

  • Yes it has

    You tube was fine the way it was, perfect in fact. I don't care about friends finding me or anything like that. They should at-least let you choose to not have it and have the old YouTube account setup. They have messed the whole thing up and I am starting to consider deleting my YouTube account because of how complicated it is to do simple things. I don't want to use my real name on you tube, I would like some privacy.

  • That's the net

    Cool thing is born - people flock to cool thing - developer of cool thing gets overwhelmed and/or greedy - developer sells cool thing to large corporation - large corporation takes everything that attracted people to cool thing and tosses it - large corporation begins "monetizing" cool thing - cool thing dies - people continue to use cool thing thus validating anti-internet corporate "monetizing" efforts - several people complain pointlessly - corporation pats itself on the back for ruining cool thing - wealthy class benefits, the people don't.

    Rinse, repeat.

  • Intrusive ads and ruined people's channels

    They ruined my YouTube channel, forced Google+ down my throat and the Ads now are utterly ridiculous. I don't even understand how anyone can consider the Ads on YouTube ethical or rational - All content on youtube is user generated, and yet those same users who make youtube in the first place are told to sit though annoying adverts at the start or midway through their own and others' videos. Google receives the money from the ads' makers. People hobbies and interests have become monetized by corporations. Lovely.

  • Yes, everything is wrong with Google+.

    I heard that giving out your real name is giving out personal information. Also, what was wrong with the old site layout!? It was fine and now it looks like someone poured cum all over it. Also, WHY ARE THE DISLIKES THE COLOR OF CUM!? What was wrong with the dislike bar being red? If there's more $h!Tty updates, then, goodbye YouTube, hello Wenoo, Vimeo, iconic and bilibili.

  • Trashy comments have been reduced

    I've noticed ever since the commenting has been restricted to Google+ and users have been forced to comment using their actual names rather than screen names, the volume to trashy comments has been decreasing. Whether or not these 2 phenomena are correlated is hard to prove, but perhaps flamers and trash-talkers that used to be on the site are now too afraid to be associated with their comments when they're no longer anonymous? I find this to be ultimately beneficial to both the site and the human race.

  • The web evolves.

    For years people have been screaming at Google to to do something about the YouTube comments section, an integration into G+ might not have been what they wanted but after all of the"I hate change" dies down, they should notice that it's really not a big deal.

    Some things worth mentioning, are the lifted restrictions on the comments. This is a good thing, it only seems bad now because every angry person is abusing it. That's not a feature issue, it's a people issue. Imagine if everybody on FB/Twitter/Reddit/Wherever just started spamming as much as they could on those sites, simply because they have the "power" to do so? It would be pretty unpleasant, but we're not expected to behave like animals.

    Another big thing that keeps coming up, is the complaint of having to use your real name. This is not true, you do have to use the G+ account name, but that can be whatever name you like.

    I can understand the upset, we're human and by our very nature we do not like being told what to do, or forced into things. But these are free services, we haven't paid a penny, YouTube is not "ours" and a G+ account is not going to give you cancer.

  • No, I wouldnt say ruined.

    Yes, the ads on youtube can get annoying at times but I still frequently use youtube on a daily basis so I can not say it has ruined youtube. Yes, it might harm it a little bit but that is far from ruining it. Also wasting a few seconds of your life via ads isnt that big of a deal so stating that google has ruined youtube is a the epitome of hyperbole.

  • Not really

    Other than a couple of minor issues, they have not ruined YouTube. I use an ad-blocker much of the time and do not have a problem with ads, I also have not noticed a significant change in loading times. I actually like some of the changes, such as the new comment display and the larger video display.

  • Aside from not being able to reply to posts pre nov 7th google+ switch... No major changes

    I have always used adblock with firefox, so I cannot comment on any changes regarding advertising, as I see none on youtube. Upon reading some of the angry posts on youtube modifications of late, there are definitely a large number of youtubers that simply do not understand the need for google wanting users to have one single account to log in to all google services - requiring a managerial+ account using a real name, as well as a further additional pseudonym profile in order to post with some sense of privacy on youtube, if they wish.

    That is fair enough, but the use of one account for all services does suggest the possibility of an upcoming merger with + and youtube, and the possibility of multiple profiles under a 'manager' on + may be because google are all set for + to become an optional influence for businesses regarding advertising, but personally I do not see any of this as a major issue. After registering with a 'real' name, I still do not have to use google+ if I do not wish to, and I do not have to post on youtube using my real name. Not being able to post to old messages at present on youtube will not be noticed as time goes by. If google however decide to make far stricter changes in future that may question privacy further, there are of course plenty of alternative video websites to switch over to.

  • Not that bad... Right?

    It may be as hard and annoying as others say it is, but it's nothing major. I can still comment and reply without Google+ and I can still upload videos, and that's all that makes me happy. But there is a few things I would like Google to do to YouTube, like limit the comment size again to clear up spam, add the old channel page editing (colors & such), and faster uploading.

  • There are still amazeing youtubers

    Youtube has been here for a long time! Just cause of the new comment system it is not so bad! I do not know why people think its so bad! I think its okay! I can understand that you are upset! Its just tecno though you can cry or get over it.

  • YouTube Keeps itselve alive!

    This is the world of the internet. When a website gets created, it wont stay popular forever.
    The succes formula of the internet is to go against what people want, at first all those people will be angry at you, but after that they will setle down and keep enjoying the website.
    Meanwhile, the website has gotten a lot of media and social media attention and has grown in popularity.
    I dont like the new system in YouTube(being a content creator).
    But I do think that this is the best thing they could have done.

  • I ate Google+ and I see no problem with youtube

    I don't like Google plus. But it hardly effects how I use youtube.

    1. The idea that you have to use your real name. You don't. There's an option to make a second channel and then you can use whatever name you want.

    2. Comments. What's so bad about them? The new comment system is a million times more organized. The replies are all grouped together rather then spread all over.

    And I haven't really noticed much else accept for the new layout. There might be a couple other things. I looked through some of the yes's and most of them seem pretty minor. How has it become a social networking site? You have to have a Google+ account connected to it but you don't have to use it. I never have and I spend most of my free time on youtube. They have updated it multiple times since people started complaining in attempts to make it better but still their style. And honestly it really isn't that different. And too many ads? First of all there aren't that many. Yes there are ads on videos most of which you can skip five seconds in. The ones you can't are only thirty seconds long or shorter. That's how it is for most video sites. The ad thing at this point is just whining. If it really bothers you that much get an ad blocker.

    I could go on every little point people have made but I've think I've said enough. If you have a problem that you want me to argue then just reply it to me.

  • Not at all.

    Recently, the YouTube community have been very angry at Google for theoritically "breaking" the site. From my point of view, this is only because of their own clingyness to the old way, long before the merge with Google. As I see it, none of the updates after Google took over is any worse than the earlier ones, and none of them makes Youtube a worse place.
    Still, the new updates don't really make it any better, either. According to the community, it would be better if the site never changed, so it might be better to keep it as it is now. However, we must remember Google is fond of experiments, so we can expect more than a few changes in the layout in the following years. However, none of them will drastically change the service, and none of the past updates have done that either.

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cjsim says2013-08-19T06:27:10.537
Its funny how some here are obviously brainwashed with the whole Google and Youtube ordeal. Google has ruined Youtube. Fact: Since they bought it they've slowly forced people to get a Google + account. They feed us commercials(Something I hate. I hate commercials on TV why would I want to see them on Youtube?). Plus the videos are all from everyday users trying to promote their stuff(Mainly indy artist). Google plays favourites to the studios by giving them more freedom. But the latest thing that has really pissed me off is now they block it so you can no longer convert videos. So if I want stock footage, green screen effects, music etc For my films. Well that is no longer an option. They are pathetic and have truly ruined all that was great about Youtube. And man 5% idiots voted no. All Google is, is a greedy corporation looking to continue to fill their pockets. Even if the movie The Internship got good reviews I wouldn't see it simply because its about Google. God they even banned guys from going out with SugarMamas(Like thats their damn business). But a SugarDaddy was fine. I hate everything about Google. Think people should start trying to make dailymotion & break bigger so we have more options. Weed out the greedy dopes at Google. Then they'll get the picture. But Ad's, blocking from converting, Giving the corporations more freedom etc is pathetic.
Anonymous says2013-08-20T17:23:05.173
YT is now little more than a playground for run amok corporate cut-throats to bombard with adverts, bully users in countless ways with wholly unnecessary and imposing measures, criteria and restrictions, and at their own discretion delete ANYthing they cannot capitalize upon, legally or otherwise, all done with absolutely zero top-down oversight from google. Notice how these overzealous/fascistic interests have effectively killed off nearly all music sharing channels. The only ones still thriving all originate from other countries where, unlike fascist USA, these predatory corp hucksters haven't been given free reign to act against (what once was) the YT community with impunity.
Anonymous says2013-09-05T19:21:39.647
Big corporate take over and anything bought up by big corporations. They use them to survey people and sell information it's common knowledge but people tend to not care, well if you look around it is getting obvious the more people ignore this the more we are going to be taken advantage of. This is in the outside world and on the net it may sound far fetched but the future is becoming a complete take over it's being introduced slowly but strategically. I'm not talking about NWO conspiracies or around that weird stuff I'm just saying if you watch rules are being changed and rights being taken away and companies like these trying to see everything you're doing think in 10 years where we will be. If these companies didn't sell out maybe there would be hope but ya it rarely happens. We should be trying to find a new form of video site, this just keeps happening where they are bought up all the time we can't feed these companies they don't care Youtube and Google show that they never listen to users and change things every year almost, ignoring the people for years it's free service so they don't care. They want to introduce payment for specific channels as well at least they mentioned this going to happen so then what is the point to use it?
bob555bob says2013-10-08T23:48:32.090
Google has the mentality that instead of catering to the customers wants and needs, we'll just give/force them to like what we give them since we know best. Few companies can get away with doing that, especially when it comes to online software / internet based companies (if any). 95% of companies when they release software or software upgrades they create a forum and get user feedback from surveys and by being interactive with their fan-base, then once they feel that they have covered the users requirements and requests they do beta testing. Does Google do any of this? Not to my knowledge. Even Apple and Microsoft listen to their users when it comes to software more than google does. Google needs to get with the times and start offering products that users want and need, because until then they're nothing more than just a giant marketing empire.
Common_Sense_69 says2013-12-04T21:17:04.970
Google ruined YouTube

Navigation used to be a breeze. Now it's sluggish, slow, and they want you to use your real name. Many people don't want their real name used on the internet for privacy reasons. This is the whole reason why the concept of "User Names" or "Screen Names" was created a long time ago when the internet was first created. Duh! The dweebs at Google ruined what used to be a great site. As a result, I go to YouTube much less now. I'm certain the number of hits on YouTube has gone down significantly and will continue to go down as people get tired of the nonsense one has to go through just to post a freakin' comment. Geesh. Nice fail Google.
Common_Sense_69 says2013-12-04T21:19:25.010
Every video now has a commercial you have to sit through 1st before the video starts - greedy Google has completely ruined YouTube
Common_Sense_69 says2013-12-04T21:24:47.503
The new layout sucks too - half of my laptop screen (the entire right vertical half) is white empty space now --- genius, NOT! (sarcasm)
ringpassnot says2014-06-10T22:18:59.433
Yes. I need to give my cell number in order to make a comment now. I wont enter my cell phone number. Therefore, I cant youtube anymore.
dg510 says2014-07-23T05:34:56.507
LOL 97% voted yes. The polls speak for themselves! R.I.P. Youtube, and everything else Google touches
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