• Yet again it's time for Harbaugh to go

    I don't know how Jim Harbaugh keeps getting these great head coaching jobs and astronomical salaries. His past record isn't that great, and is prone to saying stupid things to the media that don't make the school look very good. I think U. Michigan is just the latest employer to realize that it is time for Harbaugh to go.

  • Why he has not worn out his welcome.

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  • Jim Harbaugh has not worn out his welcome in Michigan.

    Jim Harbaugh might not be the nicest coach but personality isn't the most essential quality of a coach. Coaching a good, winning team is. Harbaugh is not making a lot of friends but he is doing the job he was hired to do. As long the team continues to play well, Michigan will welcome Harbaugh.

  • No, Jim Harbaugh was not worn out his welcome at Michigan

    Jim Harbaugh has been a successful football coach. As with most professional coaches, he moves from team to team over the course of his career. Prior to Michigan, Jim had been with four different teams in California and the average longevity was only 2-3 years. So he may have after year or two before moving on from Michigan.

  • No, he hasn't worn out his welcome yet.

    No, I don't think so. Jim Harbaugh has only started coaching for Michigan since 2015. It is a very short time until now (2016). A few seasons are not enough to get him acquainted to the team yet. He could do better if he keeps staying. This is even more supported by the fact that he has studied at Michigan and has competed for them in the past, he knows the standard (but not the present team).

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