• They killed it; and not in a good way.

    All of the functional Easter eggs are gone. Regex doesn't work anymore. Editing is terrible. Message delivery is no longer guaranteed. So many bugs; sometimes I see a different persons name on the top window bar than I am chatting with. It locks up frequently. IMO they just bought out Skype then re-themed "lync" thinking no-one would notice. Looking at this poll; it's obvious EVERYONE realizes it's not good. I stopped using it personally however I'm forced to use it at work (both public and corporate). Too bad they could't make a better chat application vs. Purchasing this one and killing it. Way to go!

  • Skype it is not

    I went over to apple products to get away from Microsoft and its planned world domination, a World as they see it!
    Now look what a joke they have made of SKYPE. It used to do everything I wanted but simple to use but could they leave it alone. No, they tried to make it all things to all people, now it's a beached whale gasping its last breath on the beach!

  • Another example of fixing something that's not broken

    First they ruined the mobile app. Now, it seems they've applied the same awful design to the desktop app. The left navigation bar now contains recent conversations instead of favorite contacts and you can no longer reliably see if a person is available, away, or simply not signed in. It's past time to begin looking at alternatives.

  • Skype is trashed

    I am a Skype veteran who broke my neck 12 years ago I use Skype pretty much every day all day talking to another paralyzed friend I have Skype out and a Skype number. They have totally wrecked everything about it you can even make two-way calls have to time anymore definitely thumbs down

  • Now you need to give MSFT your gmail password to log into Skype!

    I have a $6 credit on Skype but I guess I'll never get to use it, because MSFT has no idea what federated identity is, or OpenID. Instead, they require you to give them the password to your email account (e.G. Gmail) in order to "link" your email to your Skype account "for recovery purposes." Yeah, sure... It's not so that they can crawl your gmail in order to give you targeted ads on Skype.

    I guess I'll just forfeit that $6 credit and find a Skype alternative. I'll never sign into Skype again.

    Why isn't there an open-source version of Skype, at least for Internet-only connections?

  • Skype is now frustrating to use

    Skype used to be quick, it would get out of the way, it was simple and easy to use. Now it takes time to start up, takes time for exit conversations, it's laggy. Skype now doesn't close when you tell it to it instead minimises and their isn't an obvious way to tell it to close. I finally found the old conversations but loading them is slow and they are also incorrect. I feel like everything microsoft has done to Skype has just made it worse.

  • They've turned an otherwise simple product into an infuriating steaming pile of dung... As they always do.

    Microsoft are like Heat Mizer on steroids. Everything they touch turns to a particularly offensive pile of excrement. The new account sign-up process is now abysmally invasive and convoluted. The software has become so bloated and resource-hungry it's almost not worth running. Sadly, Skype has a practical monopoly and it's virtually impossible to just say "screw it" and use another product.

  • MS Disappeared my Old Account and my Money With it.

    Suddenly Microsoft decided they would take away my photo, disappear my paid credit and generally make my life miserable. I have created whole new accounts on a new computer in hopes that I can get away from their tentacles. I called and cancelled my Microsoft account -- on that I had never, to my knowledge, even opened. They keep denying my passwords and generally making my life miserable.

  • Frequently just locks up.

    Have used it for years... But ever since MS took it over, it's been downhill. My first gripe was the stupid ads that would cause you to not be able to start typing (because it was still loading the ad), and recently it will simply freeze up randomly and require a restart.

    Add to that its insatiable need for resources and you've taken a decent program and turned it into garbage.

    Oh and BTW, STOP PUSHING SKYPE HOME... Nobody like you Skype Home... Go away!

  • Microsoft ruined Skype

    1. It is now much more difficult to locate contacts who are not on Skype.
    2. Skype now disconnects a person in the middle of a conversation when they run out of money.
    3. Money runs out fast since my payments are limited to 600 yen.
    4. The old interface was much more user friendly. Microsoft tries to force us to only communicate with other Skype users.
    5. Microsoft doesn't set things up from the users (customers) point of view. So to hell with Microsoft.

  • Yes they did

    There are lots of new bug in Skype after Microsoft has taken it over
    * Message sequence is incorrect
    * Read messages show as unread even after a reply
    * mark as read not working
    * copy-paste can crash it
    * it raised an update in December-2016 and erased all my history,
    * really really slow
    * crashing ofter
    * Login issues

  • Other compnies ruined Skype

    I don't really agree with the fact that skype is ruined, i think skype is still one of the best communication tool out there. It is decreased its usage in USA, but in other countries Skype still remains on top. Also we must consider all the similiar companies like tango as well which one other reason why we forgot skype.

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