• It used to be so good...

    Skype used to be synonymous with web based telephone conversations and video chats. It was easy to use, free and accessible. And you could choose if you wanted to log on to it or not. Last thing I want is another attention grabbing app chasing me on all platforms. I don't want to reistall and upgrade stuff constantly, and I don't want to open the spare laptop and find that I have to delete 16 tons of spam messages and push notifications from an app that I don't use on that device. And I don't want a deluge of Skype calls and messages everywhere and from everyone. Skype is a tool I use after agreement with the other person. I don't want business contacts skyping me in the supermarket. Unfortunately, my Skype days are over. RIP, Skype. I'll be on Messenger from now on.

  • Not a patch on the old version

    New UI is confusing compared with older desktop version

    New UI lacks major functionality elements compared to older desktop ersion

    New version call quality is much worse than older version

    Used to use it a lot, I end up using Discord which isn't very intuitive it's self due to call quality issues.

  • Microsoft has taken Intuitive SKYPE & made it darn near unusable

    Won't open from my desktop icon ... Have to go online to open ... Cannot edit contact profile
    personalization is underwhelming
    I used SKYPE daily in the past especially for business calls that lasted 30 minutes or more ... I don't use it at all anymore ... Use my mobile phone .. Just a shame to take something so user friendly and turn it into an albatross

  • My skype is both slower and less user friendly thanks to Microsoft

    I am a paying Skype user. It used to be great. Since Microsoft took over is has become much slower. Its interface no longer remembers my name and password. It tries to push services I don't want on me. The "world access" I am paying for does not seem to cover what it did. It now keeps putting "updates" without my permission and without telling me what the purpose is. I am ready to give up.

  • Where are my contacts?

    I have used Skype since the 1990's. It slowly but surely has become totally useless to me. Last straw: my contacts are gone!! Actually, I am pissed. I had a bunch of phone numbers in there. Gone. I guess judging from the way Microsoft handles all contact apps, it's no wonder. I used to rely on the thing to do business internationally, cutting my phone bill by ten. WhasApp is the way to go now.

  • Had a skype account pre microsoft

    Tried to install on my cellphone post microsoft
    Couldn't remember password
    Created New Password
    Was told someone was using my account?
    Had to change password
    Was told someone was using my account again
    Went through alternate page
    Was able to change my password "YAY!"
    All of my old contacts were now gone.
    Uninstalled App. Going to try to reconnect some other way

  • Support is terrible.

    Hate Skype now. I use it almost daily for my job, and now it's almost impossible to get any support. If you're going to update something, at least make it possible to get some help with the new version. No text chat support because Microsoft decides that your question has already been answered in Community or FAQs. I have a very simple question, but I have to try to find the answer in Community which is pages and pages and pages to go through, and I still can't find an answer. So unbelievably irritating. My question could be answered in 2 minutes then we can all get on with our lives, but no. Also, to even ask or respond to anything in Community, you have to create a Microsoft account. I don't want one. I don't need one. Also hate the new icons, poor design and unhelpful. Again, I have to waste time rolling over each one to find the one I need. Stupid and unhelpful. But, that's Microsoft. Take something that's been working well and make it worse.

  • Skype worked well before microsoft and at reasonable cost if you had credit.

    With this new upgrade I notice all my recent called numbers are lost. I had to uninstall the programme and reinstall. Microsoft are trying to tie me into monthly contracts. My Credit is been used up alot more quickly. Price List on site has gone so one will not know how much the call might cost you until it is finished. I feel when my present credit runs out I will have to delay adding credit until Microsoft works out the issues people are having.

  • Was easy to use and kept my different contacts in neat groups

    Now they have linked everything together and locked me out as I am too young (at 67) and now have to dig up a deceased parent to sign me in or give them credit card details (which I will not do) but this does not work at the moment.
    A Microsoft invasion of privacy .

  • I want to love Skype. I have used it for years. But cann't perform basic functions.

    I use skype 12 hrs every day.
    Get lost in the ui. WIndows popping up. Always in the way. Never the right window.
    Rings through to my phone. Desktop (where I do my work) doesnt ring.
    Previuously had list of people I called regularly.
    Now have a list of calls (which is not usefull to me) and I have to sift through it to find people.

    People say skype is ruined.

    I sadly agree.

  • Was easy to use and kept my different contacts in neat groups

    Now they have linked everything together and locked me out as I am too young (at 67) and now have to dig up a deceased parent to sign me in or give them credit card details (which I will not do) but this does not work at the moment.
    A Microsoft invasion of privacy .

  • Skype is useless

    It took twenty minutes to convince them it is my account. Now I cannot get my contact list up. Why on earth fix it if it isn't broke. The new skype is totally useless. I cannot use it. They have lost me forever. They want 42 words of explanation. Here is one: Ruined.

  • Yes they did

    There are lots of new bug in Skype after Microsoft has taken it over
    * Message sequence is incorrect
    * Read messages show as unread even after a reply
    * mark as read not working
    * copy-paste can crash it
    * it raised an update in December-2016 and erased all my history,
    * really really slow
    * crashing ofter
    * Login issues

  • Other compnies ruined Skype

    I don't really agree with the fact that skype is ruined, i think skype is still one of the best communication tool out there. It is decreased its usage in USA, but in other countries Skype still remains on top. Also we must consider all the similiar companies like tango as well which one other reason why we forgot skype.

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