• Yes, there is too much censorship and control over speech.

    One cannot use the pretense of freedom of thought if inquiry is not permissible.

    And further, there exists no intellectual honesty without the right to dissent.

    People should be able to say what they want even if you don't like it. People are entitled to any opinion, even the "wrong" opinion. It's true that some people are hateful, but even if I don't like it I don't have a right to control them.

    But what's worse, good people are silenced. Brilliant people are silenced. Too many people are silenced because their words challenge others and that is inconvenient for them. Freedom of speech matters more than someone's hurt feelings.

  • E x a c t l y

    It seems as though a great many political groups on both sides of the spectrum- the right wing christian kooks (like Rick Santorum), the left wing feminists (like Dianne Feinstein)- seem to support the notion of "Your rights end where my feelings begin". That sort of thinking s dangerous, and putting people who hold those views in public office is a good way to destroy democracy.

  • Yes it really has.

    When I think of how politicians and other public speakers talk today when they have something to say, it really does drive home the point that we as a society in general have become far too politically correct. We can no longer speak our minds in plain terms any more.

  • Loss of freedoms.

    Back in the times of our grandparents, they had the freedom of speech. Somewhere since then we have lost our fundamental right to freedom of speech. People are unable to express their thoughts and feelings because they do not want to offend others. Instead of calling our mail delivery person a postman, we now have to call them our post person. This is so that if a woman does the job, she does not get offended. I am a woman and do not get offended if someone says "hey dude" when speaking to me. People need to lighten up a little bit more and focus on much more pressing issues than what is politically correct or not.

  • YES - Oh yes.

    I am always trying to speak my views on facebook, not to convince people that I am right, but to make people realize there are more than just 2 options! I get hateful comments from people calling me an idiot who are actually being hypocrites themselves in multiple ways. They have admitted they are sociallists to me and they support global health care and wage balancing ect. They believe in BIG government and they believe almost everything they read and see on tv it seems like. I feel like with every other person I talk to I have to explain things as if I was talking to a child. Continually having to repeat the same points in different ways, explain basic ideas in great detail, correct grammar and misspellings, also misuse of words. I'm not saying that my grammar is perfect, but when someone is using text speak, I feel they don't know how to spell. I even had a few people spell my name wrong continuously. Even though it's written by every comment. I'd really like to leave the US..

  • Fear of reprisal stifles debate.

    In our society today, good people with differing views are not expressing themselves for fear of being called out as racist, bigoted or unintelligent. If people would return to logic based discussion, rather than insults and name calling based on ones views, perhaps we could return to a functioning system, both politically and socially.

  • Political Correctness is beginning to infringe on our freedom of speech.

    In the 1940's we had 18 year old's dying in heaps storming the beaches of Normandy in the name of freedom and nowadays we need to make safespaces because words hurt. People can't say anything without deeply offending or triggering some minority who feels like playing the victim card. Also people are becoming afraid of saying something with the threat of being called, racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted etc...

  • Who is making up these "rules"?

    Who says we can or can't do something about our speech when we have FREEDOM?!?!?! Get some thicker skin people. The problem is everyone thinks everything is about THEM...It's not all about you. And just because I offend you doesn't mean I don't like you. Truth is truth and it's hard sometimes...Get over it. It's not anyone else's fault that your stupid...Only your own.

  • Freedom of speech belongs to everyone.

    In the media today it has become popular to give voice to the vocal minority. As a member of the silent majority I see this as a movement by young college educated people who feel guilty about their own privelage and are attempting to cloud the economic disparity with hyperbolic statements about racial injustices they have never personally encountered. A person's opinion is an extension of their underlying character. The current PC generation has shown itself to be lacking the strength of character that would allow them to reserve judgement until they have themselves faced adversities more trying than the temporary lack of an internet connection. Oh, and stop taking credit for the internet. You didn't invent it, your just the first generation that is empty headed enough to become addicted to it.

  • I have the right to offend and be offended.

    The media, homosexuals so called feminists even the Internet are all trying to control the way people talk and think . I as a god fearing heterosexual man believe in traditional family values ,morality and good old freedom. Even trying to type this little piece is censored as the predictive text won't spell certain words . I c my self as a man of the future looking forward to new ideas and technology to make the world a better place , not going back to the past to the days of Saddam and gamer. If we don't learn from the mistakes of the past we are condemned to repeat them.

  • Let's just all be good people?

    Hey, how about instead of complaining about how "irritating" it is that you can't be an asshole anymore, you just.... NOT be an asshole? Everyone wins, badabing badaboom. Sorry you don't get to bash all Muslims or persons of color or homosexuals or women openly anymore. Well actually, I'm not sorry. Move on with your lives and quit being assholes about our generation not wanting to be assholes anymore.

  • Nope. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences.

    What we are seeing is not 'PC run amok' it's "why are people calling me out for being a jerk/racist/sexist/bigot/etc" People think their freedom of speech means they cannot be called out or criticized for such speech, which is of course absolute nonsense.

    What you see from a lot of the 'yes' camp is well, they don't like that minorities and others can call them out, as they couldn't do that in the old days. My advice? Deal with it, and maybe if you weren't being a racist, sexist, etc, people wouldn't tell you that you are.

  • We aren't politically correct.

    No, when you think of being politically correct, you think of Fahrenheit 451 where the people don't know about anything in their society. They think everything is nice and dandy while they are in the middle of a war in which 10 million of their people are involved in. People cant think for themselves. I will admit that our government loves to stretch the truth but at least we can think of things for ourselves.

  • We aren't politically correct.

    No, when you think of being politically correct, you think of Fahrenheit 451 where the people don't know about anything in their society. They think everything is nice and dandy while they are in the middle of a war in which 10 million of their people are involved in. People cant think for themselves. I will admit that our government loves to stretch the truth but at least we can think of things for ourselves.

  • Of course not!

    No, society has not become "too politically correct." Maybe the problem is that in the past, we weren't politically correct enough. Even if you have freedom of speech, that doesn't mean that you should use sexist and misogynistic stereotypes. "Political correctness" isn't a bad thing, it is the way that we should speak.

  • Plenty of Politically Incorrect People

    There are plenty of politically incorrect facets of our society. Just look at Don Imus, who still happens to be working even though he called an entire women's basketball team a bunch of "nappy hoes." Paula Deen's career on television was ruined because someone thought she was racist. Our society isn't politically correct--the KKK still exists.

  • Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Consequence

    You are still free to say or do what you want, but like all of your actions you should expect consequences as a result. Others have the RIGHT and the freedom to criticize you for your beliefs/words/actions.

    Freedom of speech =/= freedom from consequence.
    Freedom of speech =/= freedom from criticism.

  • We have not.

    I think that the term political correctness and all of its variations has been given a bad rap. I think that being PC, so to speak, it really just being polite to people. Not saying offensive things really is not a bad thing, so I think we should strive to be more PC.

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