Has social media become a new form of a cult?

Asked by: Wes97
  • There are multiple instances of cult-like behaviour on Social media platforms.

    There are plentiful examples of cult-like behaviour on many Social media platforms. Whether said cult behaviour is for gamers with undying loyalty to a certain game franchise or Anarcho-Communists organizing actions in their own dark corners, there is practically a "cult" to fit everyone's interests and beliefs. This is the basic nature of human tribalism in all its colors.

  • Everyone is connected, no one is alone, and people spend their whole lives on social media.

    I believe that the internet, social media specifically, has become a new form of a cult. Everyone in the world is connected, and no one is truly alone anymore. Many people spend their whole lives on social media. I recently watched the movie The Circle and it really opened my eyes to how social media runs and controls our lives. Many of us are attached to our phones 24/7. We can use the internet for immense good, but at the same time, it can be used for bad. We spend so much time on social media, that many of us are no longer truly living.

  • Social Media creates cults

    Social media works like this: you 'like' something, you are exposed to more of what you like. This keeps happening till you're almost certainly solely surrounded by things you like and agree with.

    This reinforces what you think and feel about things like politics, morals etc, because you are now rarely challenged on your ideals and have a feeling 'everyone' agrees with you.

    Now if you question those ideals while in that space, you are surrounded by many who keep to that ideal, and you will have many who will disagree or even ostracize you. This creates social destruction for those who now think differently to what they thought previously. Because we are a social being, many of us would just keep to ourselves and carry on; either not questioning it and keeping it as a 'fact' for yourself, or just agree with your 'cult' out of fear.

    At this stage, you will act exactly like those who would of put you under a bus for questioning those ideals; you will do exactly the same now to those who question.

    While this is all happening, people begin going to the extremes of what their ideals are; as it is now seen as a status symbol. That gains positive social attention from those in this bubble. This creates a purity test which eventually moves the whole cult's ideals more and more into the extreme, as more people want to socially 'one up' the other to have praise and attention themselves.

  • Yes It's a cult

    Its is the illuminati i swear I knew this was cominmg you never listened to me and my lovely ideas now were all gonna die and its all donald trumps fault and ahhh this is why I camnt fall asleep at night bc reality is an allusion the universe is a hollogram

  • Excessive social media usage is similar to cult-like behaviour.

    When people starts to excessively use social media in their lives that the practice of sharing their personal information or browsing others life would deeply infiltrate their lives, these users could potentially behave like cult members. In fact excessive social media users does share a common ideology, that is to publicly share or view information about themselves or others so as to gain the acknowledgement of people around them. Social media also has a leader that every member is keen to be loyal towards, that is the likes and comment, which is the acknowledgement of others that has their information. Therefore, in some sense, social media may have brought people together through the sharing of information but excessive use of it may cause a serious problem with people's lives.

  • Social media itself is not a cult

    Trust me, I am aware of the cult-like behavior that goes on in social media, but the social media itself is not at all a cult. It is a platform that can host a cult. There's nothing inherently cult-like about social media, it's just that some people choose to use it that way.

    Posted by: 6ix
  • Cults require blind consensus and hierarchical structure

    A cult requires a shared (usually extreme) ideology among its members. No such shared ideology exists on the Web. Internet users are constantly bickering among themselves. Additionally, cults require leaders to obey. There is no "cult leader" of the internet, telling us what to think (although some netizens certainly hold more power than others).

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