• Yes, it has

    Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have made us less social. Instead of going out with friends and enjoying your time with family, people just use these sites. Statistics from 2012 show there are 845 million monthly active users on Facebook. Statistics also show that 250 million photos are uploaded onto Facebook in one day in 2012.

  • People don't need to go out any more

    People used to need to go out with their friends to find out about their lives but now they can find out from their computer screen without any real human contact or conversation. People no longer need to be able to communicate properly with others due to the fact that the internet is doing it for them. And also the ability to use internet phones to check social media sights has turned places like coffee shops and cafes into non social areas. Instead of approaching strangers to be entertained in new situations people are just pulling out their phones and checking their social media so that they can feel connected to others without actually being connected to others.

  • Not Only Social Media.

    Social Media has made us less social because it is easy to log onto facebook, twitter, or any other social media site to talk to friends across the city, country, in different states, or provinces, and see what they are up to. You no longer need to call someone, or write a letter, to find out what your friend has been up to all you have to do is look at their profile page. I have noticed that people now a days will only remember someone's birthday because "Facebook told them" it was. However Social Media is not the only thing causing us to be less social. Text messaging also plays a huge part in our decent to anti-socialism, it is easy to send someone a text asking them a question, before you got your first cell phone you would have to find a phone and call your parents to ask them to come get you, or if you can go out, now we can just text them saying "hey can I go to so-and-so's house" or "hey come get me I'm here," and instead of calling someone seeing when they will be there to get you, you send a text saying "hey dude where are you.", also people are now tenting people who are beside/in front/behind/ or across the room to talk to them instead of walking over to them and having a conversation face to face with that person.... And one of the most common things now a days is when someone is here to pick you up they don't have to get out of the car and walk up to the door to get the person they simply text the person and say "here" that's it. We went from being social creatures to being hermits that hide behind our phones.

  • Yes, we rely on it too much.

    The quote above is from Sherry Turkle from her book called “Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other”. More and more people state that Social Media makes them less social. Even I did it on my personal blog a couple of times. But is it true? Social Media, in my opinion, is a great development on its own. Technology makes it easier for us to communicate and keep in touch with others. Technology makes it also easier for us not to have interaction between each other. Why call someone if you can leave a quick message at their Facebook wall or @Tweet them? We fear the risks and disappointments of relationships with our fellow humans. We expect more from technology and less from each other.

    A lot of people rely too much on the digital world and digital contacts. They expect too much from each other when they are communicating online. But does this make Social Media bad? In my opinion the answer would be a big ‘no’. I think it’s more a case of decency.

  • Yes MUCH less social

    Although social media seemingly “connects” us to our friends and families, in reality we are pushed farther apart by the illusion that we are connected. In reality for many people it is normal for them to feel connected because they read updates about their friends. However in truth these updates and headlines only encourage us not to truly connect in person or by voice because we think we already know.

  • Yes, less social

    Overall the tools we use and the machines we have to facilitate social communication can be deleterious to social interaction. We may have more information, yes, but it is communicated through a machine, not nearly the same as being face to face with someone (except Skype, of course). In a way, people growing will lose face to face communication abilities.

  • Yes social media has made us less social.

    I think the reason people are becoming less social is because of too many social sites. We can get access to it on our phones now, which makes people less social and unaware of their surroundings in public. Also the content on social media makes people insecure, people are very mean and uncensored on social media.

  • Yes social media does make us anti-social.

    What is the point of knowing what is happening with someone who is miles away from you when yoou are unaware of what is even happening in a radius of 2 feet from you? Social media makes you feel like you are being social. That is a very big misconception. Being social means being with them, being in the moment, sensing their physical presence. You might have a 1000+ friends on facebook but that doesn't make you social. Is the true meaning of being social dependent on how much you talk to someone through a social media website or how many apparent 'friends' you have? No it isn't. Because you being present in a virtual, unreal world, making friends there thinking oh I'm so social, doesn't make you social. In fact, studies have proven that people who talk a lot on social networking sites are usually the ones who don't have too many real friends to spend time with or talk to. One can also mislead a person by faking their identity via a social media website. Communicating information via chatting with someone can lead to the misinterpretation of the tone as well which may result in the formation of misunderstandings.

  • No it isn't making us less social

    Well... For those who think these sites makes us less social, just think. You say we have to meet up and meet strangers and speak with people whom we don't meet everyday. If these sites weren't there, how would we contact them? And these sites are improving our skills on speaking to people. So I say these sites are very helpful and it ain't making us less social

  • Non-users are excluded

    As someone who doesn't use social media, I can tell you that you quickly become excluded. People quite quickly forget that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. They may know that their neighbour just ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (and they think that makes them closer to their neighbour), but if your not on Facebook, they don't bother calling you to ask about the amazing vacation you've just come back from. Nah! Just post it on Facebook, or they don't really care.

  • No, and I bet this has been asked every time a new technology has been developed

    Social media has, in many ways, made us more social. I don't know about you, but I now know what my brother-in-law in Paris is doing, what my neighbor up the street had for dinner last night, and all about my friend's latest date. Before social media, I was unable to keep up with so many people. Social media did not stop me from going out or seeing people. In fact, it helped me remember more people than I did before (I'm horrible at names!). I bet that when the Pony Express came about, people complained that it was making people less social. "Why don't you go and talk to people like you used to?!?" Yes, some people use it as an excuse not to go out, but then those are the type of people who were anti-social anyhow. To blame a technology for human behavior is ludicrous.

  • No, it has not.

    I am getting ready to debate this topic over at a university with my debate program and the fact that we are all connected via facebook makes it a lot easier for us to relate with one another. The fact that social media has made such an impact on our lives today, is amazing. Not only does it let you know when your friends have been at restaurants or show you pictures that you wouldn't normally see in person, but with just those few things it helps us grow a better social understanding with each other. Therefore I personally believe that it does NOT make us less social and if anything it makes us more connected with our friends.

  • Y isn't so

    We also interact people by social media . We meet the many persons we can know much about them . Now a days many making friends even using social media. The meet and see more . It relates with many . It is useful for communication .
    Then why it making less social its not correct .

  • It doesn't make us less social

    We use social medias to connect with people that we can't meet everyday. It may be argued that social medias take away human interactions and degrades our social skills but social medias have given us a whole new generation of far range communication and it gives shy people the ability to speak to others. It also offers communication with people that have the same interests as us. Ex. Facebook Groups

  • Look what you doing right now...

    If Social Media is making us all anti social then why are you guys on these sites debating (socializing). You are going against your own statements and are actually being social with people you don't know and having conversations with them about a topic as you would do in the real world. Social media is actually improving your social skills as you can see while you are typing.

  • It makes us more social

    There are tons of social media websites like Facebook, and Tumblr that let people bond over the same things. I, personally, find it easier to be social online than in person, it's less intimidating that way. With technology, we can talk to people on the other side of the world, and make so many new friends.

  • Not much has actually changed.

    Social media has actually broadened our ways of communicating. With all of these dating websites popping up, our ways of communicating is increasing pretty steadily. It also gives us more chances to catch up with friends and family. If anything, I think that social media is enhancing our ways of communicating. When we have little time for talking, online websites are an easy, effective way of getting words across.

  • You can stay connected with people

    You can use social media to connect with people you might not be able to see everyday. You connect with people whose phone numbers you might not know their phone number or you don't want to call to find their number or just to chat with and see what they're up to. You can connect with people you haven't seen for a while.

  • No it hasn't

    First off its called social media for a reason. If you honestly think its making us less social then why do you care so much. Its our choice if we want to be anti-social its not social medias fault. We find people we haven't talked to in forever. It gets people to become more social. Its actually helping our generation.

  • No it hasn't

    First off its called social media for a reason. If you honestly think its making us less social then why do you care so much. Its our choice if we want to be anti-social its not social medias fault. We find people we haven't talked to in forever. It gets people to become more social. Its actually helping our generation.

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