• Gadgets have enslaved us.

    Those were the days when a mam needed something for every info and works of his own needs or he needed a friend or someone. Nowadays all he needs is a gadget to literally control his life. Like his monthly expenditure , and his calculations on everything is done by a thing in his pocket his phone. And helps him in various ways and thus literally man became the slaves of gadgets. And life is un imaginable without gadgets.

  • Because for every thing man has to depend machine

    There was o time when we use of pair of legs for going to near by instead of wheels. Man was self self depended but for asking some thing from one room to other we may now use mobile phones .REALLY GADGETS ENSLAVE HUMAN BEING IN THIS MODERN WORLD OUR LIVES

  • The mind itself corrupted and human they themselves. Don't know about it.

    The technology now a days can corrupt a human mind without the human knowing that he or she is corrupted by technology. A virtual person also corrupted by technology. Example thing he/she do just by watching drama and anime. He/she trap themselves in a drama or anime and eventually they become something like they watch in their own show without knowing it. The new generation learn thing from just watching the show and they have no morality and care more about themselves.

  • Wait for what the future holds. This is nothing to whats coming

    One day with only one device you'll do everything. This device will be in our pockets n will hold every detail of our lives. No more keys needed, phone, money, credit cards, registration, ids, etc. And some company in the cloud will hold all your secrets and you'll have to pay them a fee just to keep those secure. Your anonymity will no longer exist for they will sell your details to marketing clouds that will recognize you where you go, so as to sell you their garbage. Then you'll miss the good all days of fumbling in your pocket for your keys, and it will too late for you're their slave.

  • Technology Enslaves Us

    So many people rely upon technology throughout the day that it can be argued that we've been enslaved by technology. Certain people can't actively decide to put their electronics away and live without them for a few hours. It's a sad cycle that most people just can't seem to break, and the trend doesn't seem ready to turn around.

  • It is true man does most of the work with the help of gadgets

    Gadgets make us mechanical, deaden our sensibilities, stifle our creative talents, force mechanical regularity, uniformity and boredom upon us, increase our wants and desires, and tend to make us selfish, greedy and cruel. Geographical distance has, no doubt, vanished, but the gulf between the minds and hearts of man has widened.
    People are now more into the two dimensional world and prefer facebooking than socialising. Picnics, clubs, day outs have become a thing of the past because whenever people find time they would rather be indulged in virtual games or visiting social networking sites.
    Gadgets, as cited by your friend, has definitely made us physically mentally lethargic and emotionally dead.
    It is true indeed that we created gadgets to become our servants and help us lead an easier life but we are enslaved by them instead in the present scenario.

  • In the Matrix

    People have enslaved themselves with technology. They have become so connected to the technologies of their lives that they might as well be physically connected to a matrix. They fear to leave their netbooks, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, laptops, ipods, and pagers behind and enjoy their lives even for an hour. They cannot bear to be disconnected from the matrix of their electronic enslavement.

  • People have become lazy to do hard work

    Want vehicles instead of walking even small distances. No exercise like grinding, sobbing,etc.
    Going to gyms instead of exercising, using computers,calculator, students are lazy to write,reading, peer-group games have stopped, food processors and mixers have replaced old methods providing exercises, ppt. Method prevents using blackboard, everything can be done easily.

  • No, it frees us if we let it.

    Technology up till recently has freed us not to have to find our food and shelter every day and to have freedom to pursue our interests in our leisure time. However, we have to be willing to stop at a certain point and not become a slave to it, which is what threatens us today.

  • Man has enslaved technology

    Technology is the back upon which all of our collective weight is being born. I think that man has not been enslaved by technology, rather, we have enslaved technology for ourselves. Seriously, look everywhere you go when you leave the house. Monitors and screens and phones all over the place.

  • No man was already enslaved

    Technology has not enslave man because man was already enslaved by work. All technology does is allow us to do more work quicker. If we didn't have technology we would still be working just as hard but we would be accomplishing a lot less on a daily basis then we do now.

  • Technology has not enslaved man.

    Technology has improved the life of man, and has not enslaved him. The quality of human life has drastically improved due to technological advances. Communication, transportation, and health care have all advanced due to technology. It's likely that humans will continue to reap the benefits of technology in the decades to come.

  • A Dog can bite but NEVER overrule his MASTER

    In this era of leading minds, ideas and thoughts which flood the skies, technology acts as a catalyst. It speeds up the reaction of our knowledge and implementation. Who says it made us lazy? Rather more productive and fast.
    Although it has shortened the time taken, yet it does not make us LAZY as they say. I agree to the point that we tend to postpone things but that"s human nature. Gadgets are not very essential. People still do workout, though not as earlier. Games are still in vogue.After all.... " the dog won't overrule his master"

  • Technological slavery is not synonymous with dependency.

    We are dependent in using these products of technology like cellphones, computers, cars and other things, but we are not too dependent. It does mean that if one day those things are gone that we would no longer survive. Using the aforementioned devices does not make a person lazy, in fact those supplement with his work. In work, for example, where you can finish a task faster compared before the advent these things. This issue is about the difference between dependency and too much dependency.

  • We have a choice to how much we should be dependent on technology.

    Technology entices us because it provides convenience, and simplifies tasks, makes our lives easier. Instinctively, we have a tendency to use it, and often, we become addicted to it. However, we always have a choice to steer away from those addictions by doing things the traditional way. There is no restrictions whatever that binds us to technology. All along, we are free to decide how we live our lives, in this case to be less or even independent of technology.

  • We the people making to do so

    Laziness of students and professionals were made by none other than us. We instructed them to use calculator for big calculations to save time but not to be addicted. People find them more comfortable with electronic communication than peer-communication which will help them to interact with persons more easily. Moreover, learning became viable to all sort of people throughout the world.

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