Has the 2016 Presidential race made people lose faith in the electoral process?

  • Yes, many people are questioning the electoral process.

    Yes, people are starting to lose faith in the electoral process. Many people are disappointed by the options in this election cycle. Seeing the people who came out on top and seeing some of the shady things those candidates have done to get there is disappointing to many. I think many people are worried about the future of the country based on this election and the disappointing candidate options.

  • Super Delegates Shine Light on Corrupt Process

    Too many decades of little teaching in the classroom shine light on faulty electoral process. Media coverage and bringing to light the existence of Super Delegates shines a bright light on a corrupt process that was not public information even eight years ago. Had it been known Obama may never have been elected. Who know how long this cover up has been in practice?

  • Yes, people are loosing faith.

    People have been loosing faith in the electoral process for years, which is why voter turnout is low. The 2016 election is contiuning to deepen that distrust and lack of faith. This makes it all that more important for people to come out and support the canidates they believe in.

  • Yes, the 2016 presidential race has made many lose faith in the electoral process.

    The crazy 2016 presidential race has made many lose faith in the political process. Everything from Donald Trump's bombastic comments to Hillary Clinton's email controversy has turned off a lot of voters. Furthermore, there is already a large level of dissatisfaction within America, because of declining economic opportunities. All of these things have combined to make many voters tune out this election.

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