Has the Black American Community Become A destructive Force In America; Generally Speaking.

Asked by: Apokiliptik
  • I believe it has. Black Americans, broadly speaking over consume welfare dollars per capita. They commit far more crime than other races per capita.

    Black Americans have maintained these crime and welfare trends for about 30 years. Despite this they continue to blame other people for their pathological conduct and seem to refuse to take significant personal responsibility for it. Those schools identified as "Black" frequently more closely resemble prisons than schools. So Black Americans have become a dire threat to their fellow citizens. THEY ARE NOT BORN THIS WAY. The problem is not a genetic one and cannot be cured by eugenics or social Darwinism (Nazism). THEY ARE NOT STUCK THIS WAY. This is not an inbred or inherent problem; internment and elimination is not the answer. I would say personal religious, political, philosophical reform is what is necessary. I would add however that non blacks galavanting around with Black Americans in a broad and general way and fooling about in their neighborhoods is a bad idea. One could argue for the sensibility of Black women marrying white men as helpful and I agree but that's about where I would end it.

    My sources (
    Black crime in the US.
    Https://infogr.Am/Black-34991937313 )(Black Welfare in the US

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