• The Democratic Party is on the splits with this election

    While a lot of hubbub is made about the fractured state of the Republican Party after Trump clinched the nomination, more attention should be paid to the Democratic side of things. I believe that this election has made it impossible for the Democratic Party to become unified. Sanders is completely on the opposite side of Clinton's worldview, which means that his supporters won't rush to vote for her. As a result, the Party won't come together anytime soon.

  • No, the Democratic Party still believes it can unify

    Comments from Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party leaders seem to indicate that they still believe unity in the party is possible. I think the Democratic Party holds out hope that Bernie Sanders will be able to convince his supporters to fall in behind Hillary, because he has vowed to fight the possibility of a Trump presidency.

  • Hope is not lost, but seriously damaged

    No, the Democratic Party has not given up all hope of becoming unified. Neither has the Republican Party. Both parties are experiencing the same pain as the rest of our society--tearing apart, disagreement, hatred, intolerance, etc. Most people would rather fight, bicker, argue and accuse that to find compromise. Hope is not lost, just lagging behind.

  • No the party will unify.

    It seems like every election cycle the same nonsense abut party unity is brought up as if the primary battle has done irrevocable damage to political parties. Time and time again we see that shortly after the primaries end, leaders focus their efforts on unity and the members come together by the time their conventions role around.

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