Has the feminist movement fulfilled its objectives within our society?

  • Yes, of course!

    We have earned what we have strived for. We wanted to leave the realm of housewifery, and so we have. We wanted to work and we do. We wanted equal pay, and that we got. We wanted to vote, now we can. Just look around you. Women are now politicians, teachers and even soldiers. What more could we possibly want?

  • Hell yes.

    The "Feminist" movement is no longer about women's rights. It's about zealotry and greed. Hatred and discrimination. Every feminist I have ever met has insulted my character on the spot for disagreeing with them. Men are not the slaves to feminists. Feminists go WAY beyond women's rights, which really should be a human rights issue, in what they do.

  • Women in many cases are better off than men today.

    The pendulum has shifted from women being inferior to women being superior in almost all areas. Examples:
    * More women are admitted to college than men, with a nearly 60-40 split.
    * Family courts give full or primary custody to the mother in over 2/3 of cases. Mothers rarely lose custody of their children in any case, unless severe and violent abuse has occurred.
    * When an employer has two candidates, he is encouraged by state and federal law to choose the woman over the man.
    * Women who have illegitimate children receive many social support services. Men who raise these children receive far less support. Moreover, the woman loses her support if a man moves in with her.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • The feminist movement has accomplished its goal of giving woman a voice and jobs.

    It was not long ago that women could not hold high paying jobs and were looked down upon. Those days are gone because the feminist movement has eradicated most prejudice against women. Many high profile jobs are given to women. There are still minor instances from time to time of discrimination, but overall women finally have their place in society.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • The feminist movement has fulfilled it's objectives. Women are now judged on their merit.

    Women have attained many important positions in our society. In addition one of the myths of the feminist movement, that women earn significantly less than men, has been disproved. Newsweek and MSNBC have an article about it (not exactly right wing media). Women can make any choice they want. In addition the debate over abortion is not should a woman have control over their body, but when does human life begin? Maybe in the past it was about a woman's right, but when ever I talk to anyone about abortion, regardless of their view, it's always about when is a person a person. That's why we are seeing more and more women declare themselves pro-life. The issue isn't about control over themselves (that was the issue in the 60's it's been answered today), but over the issue of life and death. Since many people will default to the "if you are not sure just say no" position they declare themselves pro-life (many people are opposed to the death penalty for the same reason if I am not sure then don't kill).

    Posted by: MishK00I
  • I believe that the feminine movement has achieved many of the objectives that it set about to change.

    Throughout the years, the feminist movement has led to such changes as a woman's right to vote, a woman's right to serve in the military, and overhauls in legislation that provides women with equal rights in the workplace. Furthermore, women have gained stature in the corporate world, and achieve high status in politics as well. No longer is a women expected to be "barefoot and pregnant," and most rational individuals do not bat an eye when being introduced to a female doctor, lawyer, politician, or CEO.

    Posted by: 3v3nHip
  • I think feminism has achieved its mission. We now see women in all levels of business, politics and the entertainment industry.

    Woman have achieved successes that the first feminists could only dream about. We've had woman nominated to run for Vice President. We've had a woman come very close to being nominated for President. We have women in all levels of politics from Secretary of State to Mayor. Houston, Texas just elected an openly gay female as its Mayor. We have women in every level of corporate America. We have women surgeons, doctors, hospital administrators. We have women astronauts, pilots and helicopter pilots. Women are lawyers and judges. We also have women who are professors, instructors and even Presidents at universities all across the Country. We also see women (and men) who do not enter the workplace and stay home to raise their children. Both women and men have the freedom to work or not, and to be as successful as they can be.

    Posted by: 5kyErto
  • YES!! A man's point of view.

    Women have the right to vote because of the brave feminists. Women have women's sports because of feminists. Women don't have the equal pay as men but feminists like me are working on it. The reason can have government jobs is because of Brave women. As a Man I want EVERYONE to be equal. I don't want women to be greater then men and I don't want men to be greater then women. Why can't we just be equal? I don't get why other people want to take other people's rights??

  • Yes, but it's not enough. It's never enough.

    Feminism has succeeded in giving women rights like voting, driving, owning land, running businesses and leading countries. But now that those hard parts are out of the way its time to focus on more important things like "manspreading" and "actively protesting against freedom of expression to prevent hurt feelings".

    And then you have the full-on feminazis who believe that women are superior to men in every way (so much for equality), and that all men should be enslaved as workers or simply wiped from the earth. Because that's not Hitler-y at all.

    The point I'm making is that if women didn't have the rights and freedoms the original feminists and sufferagettes fought for, then they would still be fighting for those rights and wouldn't have time to argue over whether or not I should have been castrated at birth to prevent the spread of "toxic masculinity".

  • A Great Success

    When bankers invested in harvesters in 1870, the small farmer was forced to leave his home and land was consolidated to support the tractor instead of the family. In our age of automated factories, the rich and powerful produce goods but no jobs. Thus radical feminism has fulfilled it's role to reduce the population by convincing women and men to kill their own children, to destroy their own marriages and homes, to become worker bees of the new industrial order with sex, drugs and rock-in roll as distractions until we are euthanized.

  • I think the feminists are a disgrace to true females.

    Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in traditional values. I am a woman, and I think hardcore feminists are a disgrace to the real women. Women are made to be nurturing, good cooks, kind, and loving. Women are made to take care of kids, take care of their husbands, and provide a loving home environment. All in all, I think feminists are ridiculous radicals.

    Posted by: OIi0IymPic
  • More things to do

    I think we are working on changing society. We have a lot to conquer like, equal payment and we should settle down until we have EQUAL (not more) rights. This road goes both ways. I´m only a 15 year old Brazilian and I know what I want for my future and for my daughters future

  • No, It still has some work to do

    The feminist movement has not been successful. Yes, women have jobs and voting rights, and a voice. But our voice is still muffled by men, especially when it comes to the sexualization of women. We are still looked at as objects, and young girls are taught that being sexy and pretty is all we are good for. Multiple eating and mental disorders are caused because of this. It is also clear that the movement wasn't successful because there are still wage gaps to this day. There is factual evidence that women get paid way less than men, for doing the same job or career. On the other hand, women are being censored for their body, whereas a man has the same parts and its normal for them. Women are considered trashy or slutty for wearing certain clothing whereas men can where what they want and it goes over everyones head. The movement should still be moving and women should have complete and equal rights to everyone else.

  • The majority of feminists

    Have done nothing but complain. Why don't you go out and prove that you're equal to men instead of sitting on tumblr complaining. Sure there has been improvements and significant achievements, but modern day feminists, at least the majority, only complain and speak hatred. Do you want to see true oppression, look elsewhere. For example, women in muslim countries aren't allowed to go to school or show their face. That's true oppression. Modern day oppression is rare and furthermore, it's overexagerated to the point by which anything women have achieved has become a joke.

  • A Great Success

    When bankers invested in harvesters in 1870, the small farmer was forced to leave his home and land was consolidated to support the tractor instead of the family. In our age of automated factories, the rich and powerful produce goods but no jobs. Thus radical feminism has fulfilled it's role to reduce the population by convincing women and men to kill their own children, to destroy their own marriages and homes, to become worker bees of the new industrial order with sex, drugs and rock-in roll as distractions until we are euthanized.

  • The feminism's goals are lost in the noise.

    It looks like western feminist movement is unable to prove that women are capable of as much as men are. They shout loudly and get given things by men. What about trying to stop being hysterical and do stuff?
    Women in Southeast Asia are so much ahead of us, it's hard to believe.

  • Feminism has accomplished so much, but not everything.

    It's still 77 cents to a dollar, women are still looked upon as objects rather than people, as we are. Us feminists have accomplished so much in the past decades, but we have yet to fulfill all of our objectives in society. So the answer to your question is no.

  • It has gotten better but still could be better.

    The feminist movement has definitely done something - somewhat destroying traditional gender roles, giving women voting rights, and such. But there is still sexualisation of women and girls. The idea is pushed upon young girls that the most important thing for them is to look good, before education, their own happiness or anything else. So many girls end up with eating disorders and depression. Also look in the history books. You won't find many women at all, even though they did have a part. However to conclude, the feminist movement has done something, it has given women a stronger voice than they had before.

  • We haven't won the battle

    As I am a 24 year old woman in southern United States, I was not informed well on the 19th amendment. Teachers ramble on about Martin Luther King and slavery but what about the women? What about Alice Paul and Lucy Burns or any other suffragists that help pass the movement? Women consist of 50% of the population in the entire world., why don't the schools teach this? Why don't they see this as an important part of history? When I barely found out, I would have to say I was ashamed and wanted to blame many for me not knowing.

  • End Sexualization and objectification in the media!

    Over the past ten years women have lost more equality than they are gaining! Very young girls are bombarded with sexualized images on TV, in music videos and lyrics, toys, Internet, porn, etc. Telling them the only way to be accepted as a girl or woman in this society is to be sexy. Most role models on TV still have to use sex to sell their talent. Young girls develop cognitive, mental and sexual consequences when the only thing they are ever taught is looking hot will get you further than education. Low self esteem for not reaching perfection leads to depression, eating disorders, possibly more sexually active. GET RID OF SEXUALIZING WOMEN IN THE MEDIA, IT NEEDS TO BE FILTERED OR YOUNG GIRLS WILL GROW UP WITH COGNITIVE AND MENTAL DISABILITIES, LOW SELF-ESTEEM, AND HIGHER PREGNANCY RATES BECAUSE GIRLS ARE TAUGHT THEY ARE ONLY GOOD FOR SEX.

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