• They are still in control!!!

    The Government..Lies in the face of the American people...They commit fraud to get the votes...Voters...They steal from the Americans Tax dollars for their own gains..They spend monies this Country doesn't have in foreign Countries...And the list goes on....And do this in front of the American People...They want the tax payers to pay for the e legal immigrants to collect welfare...Give them health care...Educate them....They want to take away the Constitution Rights of the American People..They don't give a rats ass about the safety of this Country or the People.. They are weakening the military to destructive proportions...They fired the best leaders of our Military because they would not follow the Governments criminal acts on our Country...They have made this Country nothing but a disgraceful joke to other Countries...They are a disgrace to this once great Country America...AND THEY ARE STILL IN CONTROL!!!!! JUST IS SO WRONG!!!!

  • Yes and no, but mostly yes.

    This is a difficult question for me. In my eyes, the government has become too powerful in the areas where the people do not need it to be. They have too big a hand in big business and corporate welfare, as well as religious institutions and foreign relations. At the same time, they almost blatantly neglect the interests of the masses. While our government is busy helping the rich get richer and fighting wars for oil in foreign countries, there are millions of people starving on the streets, millions of people without health care (for now), millions of people being raped and abused, millions of people being denied basic human rights right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

  • Way Too Much

    The U.S. government is not by the people nor for the people. It is for international corporations. The U.S. doesnt even exist anymore. Its now the U.C.W., United Corporations of the World. The owners of the corporations do not really care for the American people, in fact they hate us. That is why they keep passing more and more laws to put us in prison and make us pay for it. Pretty soon you'll have to take a mandatory drug test just to leave your home. If your DNA shows any signs of nonconformity you will be put down.

  • Yes

    I believe we've let our government become corrupt. Its become like a man with a life threatening disease. The longer we let him have that. The more he's going to die. And the less of a chance he's going to make it after getting his cure We need someone who will stand up for the people over business and government.

  • Yes

    But the government is only as powerful as we want it to be. If we do not like how powerful they are than we should vote someone else into office. We had a chance to vote in someone that would do that but America decided to continue with someone that wants to control everything.

  • Far More Than People Realize

    Yes, the government has become too powerful. The government has gotten too large and cumbersome to be effective anymore – it is out of control – and far too large for any one person to try to control anymore. The time has come for the United States to be divided into smaller territories, each autonomous and with its own government. Our current government has become bloated by layers and layers of greed, corruption and spending. The best way to reduce the national debt is to pare the government down, pare the salaries down to realistic levels, pare the insurance coverage down to what the rest of us have and pare the pensions down. It’s not Medicare and social security that are bleeding the country dry – it’s the overly big and powerful government that is spinning completely out of control.

  • Yes for a Free society.

    There is an unnecessary amount of oppressive, often arbitrary legislation. Suppose government was not an isolated entity, but more akin to a social media site, where everyone is a member if they so choose. Power would be dispersed equally in such a scenario, where individual freedom is abundant. It is what nature intended.

  • It is clear

    The job of the government is not to support any of its citizens. The job of the government is to make sure that the playing field is at least close to level. Whether or not you choose to play is not the government's business. They should keep us safe from other nations and each other but allow us to do the rest of the footwork without any interference, just like a parent letting a child grow up.

  • Government to big and too powerful

    The government has become way too powerful for their own good. Obama has given health care to those that don't and don't pay their taxes. Obama is also letting tens of thousands of illegal immigrants across the border each day. He legalized marijuana in Colorado so kids could find it easier and get high more often. If you were to confront Obama with this information he would call you a racist because he isn't smart enough to give you a solution to the problem.

  • Depends on your viewpoint

    In my eyes, as a student still in school, I see the fact that although the National Government claims it is doing what it does for the "people," there have been many equivocate decisions that make it seem like the Government needs to be reminded what the founding fathers intended it to be. Federalism was initially meant to be the sharing of power between the states and National government. Each got it's own unique powers. However, as of the late 1800's, the Supreme court has started ruling against the states powers, while ruling for the National Government, indirectly giving more power to the National Government. Whether or not this is to much power is a hard question. The real question SHOULD be "Do the State Governments have to little power?" If the National Gov has to much, but does not use it, it is OK. However, if the state governments do not have enough power to keep civil rights and liberty within the states without the National Government interfering, than we have a real problem. But, Ultimately, I believe the Government has a little to much power, and because of this, we have to depend on them to much, which is a problem when we can't even realize that we have to money.

  • Americans depend way to much on government

    American citizens depend way to much on gov aid and if it was any weaker, those dependent citizens would have nothing to depend on. Isn't the government there to provide for the people? If there was anymore power we would be in a dictatorship and if any less the people would overthrow the government. I believe that the gov has enough power to sustain the needs of the American citizens.

  • People have spoken

    The people of this country have allowed the government to step in and give them the things they think they need given to them. Healthcare, food, shelter, and even work. The idea of America is in the population and if the people vote for a tyrant who speaks of goodwill and charity then they have created their own demise. Two options: Vote differently, or get involved!

  • Power Matter of Perspective

    Giving a government power is only dependent upon how the people give their leaders responsibility over the populace. In America, people elect their leaders. If the people want change, they can vote leaders out of office. Government is powerful only if people give them the power. Americans are more dependent upon government assistance, but that doesn't mean the government holds more power over the people.

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