• The US government has long exceeded its Constitutional role

    At the founding of the United States the government was given a limited role of primarily managing foreign and domestic trade and maintaining a basic national defense. Since then, the role of the government has grown to interfere with every aspect of its citizens' life. It is now a bloated bureaucracy that often hinders its citizens, rather than serve them.

  • The government has forgotten its role

    The United States government is out of the scope of effectiveness. Its purpose is to have a limited role and make sure the country remains safe and prosperous. The government should not be overly involved in economy and social welfare. These types of things drain society. Government needs to lessen its influence.

  • No, the government has not forgotten its role.

    No, I don't believe that the government has forgotten its role. In fact, if anything, it seems that the government is now too powerful, and many of our civil liberties and freedoms are being trampled on by government. A century ago, the government had very little power, and society wasn't in as bad a shape as they are now. True, given the much bigger size of the country now, the stats are somewhat skewed, but the government has definitely become too big, and has not forgotten its role at all.

  • No

    No they have not forgotten the role. They are helping make the USA, a better and good place to live to all there natives. They are trying to make it better for the people who have a low income. They are providing medical and making new jobs for all the people in the USA.

  • Not forgotten, just disregarding

    The government still understands the role it is expected to play in the lives of the citizens it is supposed to protect. It simply no longer does so, it's been put on the back burner in favor of politicians being so insistent on their beliefs needing to be represented that "the people can wait." Flawed, broken and shameful yes, but it's aware that it is.

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