• Waste of money

    I think that people are just wasting money that soon will be thrown to the trash even if they are cheap it is just a waste of money and time people this days just forgot the truth meaning of the holidays our generation just cares about the low prices and the presents.

  • What Would American Companies Do Without Hallmark Holidays?

    Yesterday was Valentines Day which is one of the biggest days of the year for companies that sell flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, and jewelry. (Mother’s Day actually outranks Valentines Day in many of these categories). But what would happen to these companies if Valentines Day or other holidays weren’t so commercialized? Would they miss their earning estimates? Would they create a new holiday just to make sales forecasts?

  • Over the Top Yes

    It has been a long belief that all the holidays have been blown out of proportion and have lost sight as to the meaning of what the holidays are really about. Each holiday (valentines, Easter, Christmas, independence, etc) have gone from remembering why we celebrate it to a time where you can get a great sale on items that are already over priced.

    We have become a society that thinks of presents and Santa Claus instead of the birth of Jesus for Christmas and candy and costumes for Halloween instead of remembering those who have passed.

    We can not forget the true meaning of each holiday.

  • It's all bout the money

    News, commercials, talk shows all advertising and discussing the sales of the holiday season. The morning news was about new gadgets on sale, then the hype of black Friday. Talk shows actually had a toy expert on hand to talk about the hot toys for the season and the best place to buy them. Where is the true reason for the holiday season in all of this? Pushed to the side because it might be too controversial and isn't supported by big business.

  • Buy this and buy that.....

    For every holiday, there is always something you have to buy. Look at Christmas - you stress out having to buy a gift for your friends that it takes away from enjoying the days leading up to Christmas. I still buy gifts for my friends but mostly people will get cards from me. When I do get a gift, because of my disgust in gift buying, I end up opening the gifts I receive in March or much later. But's the free market as they say, though I am not sure what that has to do with holidays.

  • There are too many Hallmark Holidays

    Yes, I mean, come on, what is Valentines really about? How about sweetness day? Well guess what, sweetness day is made by Hallmark! So is Grandparents day and a few more! We think holidays are 100 percent pure! We are wrong! I think people don't even think they are being commercialized, but they are! Take Easter for example!

  • Santa Claus is October?

    It is an unfortunate reality. The corporate bosses have discovered that regardless of the time of year, people will flock to the holiday season. Maybe it is the cheery disposition of holidays or the sense of family derived from candy canes and snow flakes. Regardless of the reason, the powers that be seem to be trying to change the calendar in their favor so they arrive earlier. With Christmas carols humming away in the background before Halloween candy has even been taken off the shelves, it appears that they may be doing just that. Black Friday has suddenly started being Sale Thirst Thursday where several stores are competing for earliest openings, starting Thanksgiving evening. With that, it appears as the Thanksgiving holiday has been obliterated all together or has become merely a placeholder until Christmas Eve.

  • Holiday overdose is in full effect.

    It is a sad truth that every year is seems that the holiday season makes it self known earlier and earlier. Halloween had barely arrived and businesses were already putting up Christmas decorations. Many stores have taken advantage of the Black Friday frenzie by competing with who can open sooner, some even resorting to opening Thanksgiving evening.
    It is unfortunate, but our society has become such a consumer driven entity that we respond in force to these ideas. The early decorations prompt many individuals to decorate their homes before the turkey has even been placed on the table.

  • Sadly, Yes

    Yes, the holiday season been over-commercialized – excessively so. The one extremely sad effect this has had is that we have allowed ourselves to be led by this over-commercialization. We have become a society that grades the success of our holiday by how many purchases we made that were at least fifty percent off regular prices. We no longer get together to reminisce and enjoy each other’s company – it’s all about getting in line for the midnight sales.

  • Yes, the holiday season has been over-commercialized.

    Yes, I believe that the holiday season has been over-commercialized. One hundred years ago, during Thanksgiving and Christmas, there was only really radio segments about the holiday there weren't tv shows and movies, nor were there commercials advertising new discounts and sales at retailers and so on. The world needs to go back to that time, when the holiday season could be shared by just the family during days like Christmas and Thanksgiving, without being bombarded by movies, tv shows, and huge blowout sales.

  • No, the free market rules.

    No, the holiday season has not been over-commercialized. If consumer's didn't purchase the items that companies are selling, they wouldn't sell them. The only reason your local store starts putting Christmas decorations out in July is because those decorations sell in July. At the same time, some of the most commercialized products try to instill good messages about the holiday's, but shoppers can't stay away.

  • No it hasn't

    The reality is the holiday seasons have always been commercialized, it's the reason the holiday season has been so promoted in American society. They've always been a secular and commercial time for buying products and celebrating secular traditions with ones family. It's why there is no problem with atheists celebrating Christmas.

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