• Yes it has

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  • Yes, development of the Internet is positive.

    The vast amount of information available on the Internet to the public at large was unimaginable only a generation ago. People can learn, connect with others, entertain and be entertained on a truly global scale. Anyone can express their ideas and opinions and seek others to discuss any mutual topics of interest.

  • The internet has made access to a lot of information much more convenient.

    Accessing information used to require visits to libraries, which could take hours. Now, that same information is available with the touch of a button, which saves considerable amount of time. In addition to information being easily accessible, forums of people are also readily available to provide discussion and opinions about that information. Thus, the contribution network that has developed around information has in and of itself done a great deal of good.

  • The Internet provides easy access to what is going on in the world.

    While it is true that the Internet has plenty of filth and misinformation on it, many websites allow people access to treasure troves of information that they could not get otherwise. They can access news around the world, medical journals, research and worldwide opinions for example. It has also allowed people to connect more easily through social media.

  • Yes, the Internet has done more good than bad.

    Overall, the Internet has been an agent for good for people from all walks of life and across the globe. The Internet has made access to information, and communication opportunities, more readily accessible to an ever expanding audience than any other tool or resource in history. This flow of information and ideas provides an ever increasing number of people on the planet the chance to enhance their education, enjoy increasingly free expressions of thoughts and ideas and even established the foundation for greater freedom and liberties in previously restrictive societies.

  • It does actually both

    It all depends on how u use it like u can look up important things and say some hurtful things but i mostly say no beacuse you can always say nice things and look up bad things tho so idk what to say ab it tbh but mostly no idc if u dont like my opinon tho

  • Internet corrupts children minds . Children who use internet mostly send message s on Facebook

    People have to reduce the rate of getting data . For example if a poor person needs internet and asks through an organization you will have to make it free. Children who use internet are likely to learn bad things which can destroy their education and they can be aba

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