• This country is out of order

    Anyone with a working brain and a fully functioning internet browser knows it has no factual foundation and its just ignorance leading to more ignorance.. They've opened a bag of worms that we're all going to regret. Its destroyed the notion of family, and sexual morals.. I hope people relize the hole we've put ourselves into

  • Tolerance Has Been Replaced by Ignorance

    I do believe there are people out there that identify with being LGB or T. One of my best friends in legitimately transgender. But, this person has never come forth to anyone but his friends and family. Same thing goes for every legitimately gay, bisexual, and lesbian person I have known. None of this has ever affected their personalities or beliefs however, like it has so many others around who want to be LGB or T like its a trend. It needs to stop because it is becoming unreal. More and more, people are identifying as whatever as means for attention and appraisal. It's sickening, really. These people go and make a big deal about it, they say that any argument against them is discrimination, not only on them, but the whole "community." They shouldn't have their own community because they should still be part of ours, because they are still people. But (and I sincerely do believe it is in fault mostly of) the phonies, attention seekers coined LGBT community to try and stand out even more as different. People have forgotten their own individualities in their quest to stand out and be different. Political correctness does not exist today. Wether you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Male, Female, Questioning, Democratic, Republican, Capitalist, Communist shouldn't matter because we are all people born individual with differ background, personalities, beliefs. But in today's society, it seems only a straight white male is capable of committing crime. If anyone else is convicted, there is controversy about sexism, racism, and discrimination. Tolerance doesn't exist anymore, it's not about being politically correct, it's about trying to be as sensitive as possible, and too much of one thing can turn into a bad thing and run out of control such as what has happened. If we are really to grow as a community, we must all accept that everyone is born equal, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, or politely alignment. We must accept that we are all capable of achieving, thinking, feeling, and acting by ourselves. We must all accept that anyone can do something great or heinous and it doesn't matter who you are. We can all be wrong. But until we can accept fault, we will never grow.

  • Trampling the rights of others

    I think in some ways they go to far. To be clear I am not anti gay nor am I religious. I just think that in their zest to gain "equality" they don't think of those around them nor care what their beliefs are. They basically say: It doesn't matter what your beliefs are if you don't agree with me then you are a bigot. The whole bathroom war is the perfect example. It sets a precedent that will allow peeping toms and pedophiles to go into whatever bathroom/changeroom they want (I am not referring to lgbt people) and all they have to do is say I identify with this gender whether they do or not. The first time I see a man in the womens change room at our local Y I will never bring my daughters there again. Nevermind the different religions and beliefs of people that I don't personally believe but they do and strongly. I think the lgbt deserves our respect and understanding but they also need to be respectful and understanding of others.

  • Has the Civil Rights movement gone too far?

    No it hasn't. Until we give them equal rights, and that includes laws against discrimination and it includes full equality, then they are going to keep fighting and they should. The Civil Rights movement didn't stop until they had full equality, and so should do so the the LGBT movement.

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