• It's all the same...

    Opening a singing birthday card has become very much identical to turning on the radio it all the same music that plays every time you use it. There are still good artists out there but the wants of the general public have become so watered down and simplified and its preventing good artists from making their break. Terrible really.

  • Yes it's gone.

    Yes the pop music industry has lost its creativity. I turn on the radio and I hear basically the same song with different words. Most of the band's have mostly similar looks and sounds. It sometimes seems as though creativity is looked down on because it's different. Being different is good.

  • Pop never had "creativity"

    Pop has never had meaningful lyrics, at least to me. I have never heard a song that I can fully relate to and that can help me through things. Every pop song sounds like the last and the only reason people listen to pop is because it's catchy and is the only thing on the radio.

  • The pop music industry has gone downhill.

    They don’t make music like they used to. I think that the pop music industry has
    definitely gone downhill. They have lost
    creativity because the music industry is so driven by record sales. Artists and labels nowadays just copy whatever
    is hot at the moment. Artist development
    and originality is a thing of the past.

  • Yes it has

    The pop music industry has lost all of its creativity over the years. Every song on the radio sounds the same or it just sounds like another remake of a song that was made previously. We need less generic vocalists out there or else the pop music industry will just continue to go downhill.

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