• How Did Trump Become Our Best Option

    I am embarrassed for us. Trump is a crude bully who has no idea how to lead our country. Being a real estate business person will be of little help navigating the Office of President. His views on foreign policy could be devastating to not only America but also the world. He says the world is laughing at America. They are for sure now.

  • Yes, the Republican party needs to find a way to appeal to a larger group of voters.

    It seems obvious that the Republican's stance on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage equality are largely catered to the older more religious demographic. This demographic seems to be getting smaller and as it gets smaller I believe the Republicans will find themselves very short on support unless they are able to compromise on some key social issues and get a larger vote from women or minorities or both. I think many Americans are still conservative when it comes to the economy, so if the Republicans can adjust their stances a bit on the social issues, I think they'll be in good shape.

  • Yes indeed

    Republicans have lost their way but no more than Democrats. Our country as a whole has lost its way pointless bickering about stupid things. People on both sides trying to limit the rights of the citizens. Freedom is turning into a myth as we are all slaves to the never ending debt being piled onto our country because we have become a nation of people who refuse to live without. We must consume all and save all of those who overconsume no matter how many generations have to pay for it.

  • Yes, the Republican Party does seem lost and out of touch

    Based on the current 2012 election, I have to say that the Republican Party is lost in the storm. They seem to me not only out of touch with the average citizen but also out of touch with how their own beliefs are not necessarily shared by a large group of citizens. Basically, they seem to not realize how diverse a nation the United States has become, and that you cannot impose one set of beliefs on all of the people and still maintain some of the basic beliefs we all share, like freedom of religion, and pursuit of happiness, beliefs that are built into our own constitution.

  • Yes, the Republican party seems to refuse to change

    I feel that the Republican party has lost its way primarily because it is so resistant to change with the times we live in. The GOP still clings to hardline issues, such as being anti-abortion and anti-gay equality. The party is also viewed as being out of touch with many minorities and women, which negatively affects the party's base.

  • No

    Who has lost their way is the majority of America. Don't freak out, but that is the truth. The Republican party has set its beliefs on personal responsibility. Nowadays, you could say that more and more of the country has become takers. They cannot imagine getting off welfare, living without Social Security. And who pays the bill? The people with money, and they are losing that money fast.

    Posted by: Alz
  • No way

    This is ridiculous. There are two sides to the argument, and republicans are on the right. They cannot be asked to compromise their beliefs any more than democrats can. The last 4 years of democratic policy is a stark reminder of this fact. President Obama has "lost touch" with the entire Economy.

  • No, the country is changing

    America has changed and more and more americans have decided that they want to be given things instead of earning them. The Republican party believes you need to earn your honors and net worth instead of just having it gave to you by the government. America needs to get back to its roots and teach people how to earn things.

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