• Trillions and still going

    Since 2001, the United States has experienced major economic turmoil multiple times. But no matter what, we've gotta be blowing up somebody halfway across the world and spending millions to do it. This has gone on for basically 15 years at this point, and still there's no end in sight. I guess that's how the defense contractors like it.

  • Yes, the Iraq war was wrong.

    The war in Afghanistan was totally justified given the relation to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. However, the invasion of Iraq was done on false pretenses and was unnecessary anyway. The trillions spent on it were wasted and diverted resources from Afghanistan, which could have actually been won with far fewer dollars.

  • Yes, they have.

    The US has spent enough money on wars since 9/11 to feed all the hungry people in the world during that time. They have very little to show for it, and could have done many other things with the money. It has not proven to be a big boost to the economy.

  • We need to prioritize

    We keep spending money on war since 9/11, even going to war with countries that had nothing to do with that event. Yet we have veterans coming back from those wars who can't get the medical or mental health help they need once they get to the United States. Spend that money on them.

  • We haven't been spending as much.

    The US Federal Government is spending nearly twice as more money on National Healthcare than the military. In fact, Russia and China have surpassed the US in military spending. Cutting the military budget doesn't actually do much to help the economy but instead makes our country less safe. All we would be doing is cutting the meat to the bone.

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