Has the use of mobile phone done more harm than good?

  • It causes health and social problem.

    Mobile phones cause brain damage. When you make calls with someone you mobile phone delivers rays of radiation that can cause brain damage specially when you use the right ear because that side the brain is near. It also cause social problem. For example, students mostly use mobile phones in the school so it may distracts the study.

  • Seriously , cut the rope .

    Cellphones can be nice.It can also be terrible.Cellphones can be used for research.It can also be used for entertainment.Imagine yourself as a mother and you tell your child to go and read.He then carries his phone saying he is using it for research meanwhile he is using it to play games.Also you are lost and you start playing cut the rope sorry but that does not apply.

  • Mobile phones can cause harm to social life

    As my opponent team member( fluent_sarcasm) said,"you could use it for entertainment".Nowadays mobile phones make children attracted to them making them play all day long,This is harmful as they become obese because of the laziness of the phone. This also causes them to become weak and cannot play outdoor games.Surely A there's nothing a game of Soccer can't do.

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  • Mobile phones are useful

    Imagine being lost in the middle of the night, but you have your mobile phone. You could call/text somebody. In this situation, you could also bring up your map app, to help you. Or you could use it for entertainment: There's nothing a game of Cut The Rope can't do.

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