• It costs lives

    The war on drugs has cost many people their lives, from being killed in drug raids to going to prison. The idea of the drug war is to protect people from drugs, but the end result of it has been to create a police state, in some respects. Too many people die, as a result.

  • The war on drugs been a failure

    The war on drugs ranks among the most colossal and complete and utter failures of government. It really is emblematic of exactly why government is too big and not effective. The war on drugs only serves to keep union law enforcement employed. Time to end this useless war and let people keep the money they pay for the failure.

  • Yes, the war on drugs has failed: time to stop fighting and start thinking.

    It is time for South American Governments to tell the US and UN where they can place their drug war and start standing up for the interests of the people they are supposed to represent. The US is prepared to see poorer countries torn to pieces so they don't have to deal with the conflict on their own territory.

  • It is better than it was.

    The war on drugs has not been a failure, because some people have been saved by it. Not everyone has been helped, and there are still many addicts out there. But for the few people who have not had access to drugs because of the war on drugs, the policy has been well worth it to them and to their families.

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