• Far too much violence exists in our world.

    Our world has absolutely become too violent. If we look at history, it is blatantly obvious that violence is not the answer to solving problems -- it merely creates further conflict. In an age where we have so many different tools to solve problems with, it is so disheartening to see that still so many people's immediate response to confronting a problem is to resort to force, terror and violence.

  • no it has not changed

    The world has always been a violent place. The very origins of man were built by violence. Even the oldest of holy script is filled with tales of violence and gruesomeness. It is more widely reported now because the relentless loop of cable and online news requires the minutes to be filled with attention grabbing headlines.

  • No, the World has not become too violent.

    The World is actually less violent today than at any point in history. Violence in general, along with wars and criminal behavior, has been declining over the last several decades. Someone alive today will live in a more peaceful society than previous generations did. However, 24/7 media coverage and instant technology make the World appear to be much more violent than it really is. In short, the World really has not become too violent, because violence is on the decline.

  • No, we are actually less violent than before.

    Overall, fewer acts of violence are being committed than ever before. We are just more aware of violence because of the 24/7 news cycle and the repetition of stories on social media. Mass killings like the Orlando attack are more common, but violent crime levels in general continue to fall.

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