Has there been a sitcom with similar-quality humor to Seinfeld since its finale in 1998?

  • Sitcoms with pointlessness continues in the Seinfeld tradition.

    There are several sitcoms that continue in the Seinfeld tradition of triviality of life and daily activities. Among these are The Middle, Life in Pieces, and Modern Family all meet major aspects of the original Seinfeld series. Off the wall, unrelated activities, seemingly unguided scripts without much continuity are the normative episodes. The bizarre portraying the bizarre.

  • Yes, there are many great sitcoms being produced today.

    Seinfeld set the standard for years when it came to humor on television. The show featured well-crafted, character-based jokes. It was really ahead of its time. However, it would be a mistake to dismiss some of the great work that is being done right now. The Mindy Project brings a lot of the same sly sort of humor, while including some character-based drama, as well. Arrested Development is one of the funniest shows ever made. And, if you are willing to include British comedy, Peep Show tags many of the same elements that made Seinfeld so great.

  • No, there hasn't been a sitcom with similar-quality humor to Seinfeld.

    Seinfeld certainly broke the mold when it came to sitcoms. It would be hard for any television show to match the same quality of humor that Seinfeld had. I do, however, believe that a few sitcoms have come close: Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens. However, neither of those shows were as funny as Seinfeld was.

  • No, there has not been a sitcom with the same humor as Seinfeld.

    If we look at the sitcoms that premiered since Seinfeld's finale in 1998, there is no sitcom that matches the sense of humor of Seinfeld. Seinfeld capitalized on a relatable, awkward comedy, but the sitcom was genuine. Sitcoms that have tried to replicate Seinfeld's quality of humor have failed because the delivery of lines, setup of circumstances, and reliability was all too forced.

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