• Feminism is no longer needed.

    Feminism has already won the battle for equality, so the political ideology is no longer needed in today's western culture. In today's western culture, both genders are given equal opportunity. It is as simple as that. Do we still require the abolitionist movement in the United States? No, because African Americans are no longer slaves. It's the same concept.

  • Yes, it is less Feminism and more about Marxism

    It has really created identity politics which aims to completely destroy our society. It has become less about equality and more about winning woman rights that men do not have. Look no further then the equal pay act of 1963. Yet third wave feminism still believes that woman get paid less and men for the most part are all sexist.

  • No because feminism is equality

    Feminism is about equality so far in 2018 females have to sign up for the draft like males and now when women hit men first women get charged for assault... Women are actually striving for actual equality and men can also use Menism to better men but men choose to use their movement to insult feminism instead of doing things like centers for men who have been raped and abused.

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