• Yes, this country is overrun with senseless murders.

    This country has indeed been overrun with senseless murders. With scant gun control measures in place, acts of violence very easily become fatal circumstances. Guns are made to kill, and these death machines are so easily available (even military grade) that anyone intending to commit a murder has their choice of weapon to do so.

  • Yes, the country has been overrun with senseless murders.

    The United States has one of the highest violent crime rates in the developed world: high rates of gun violence and murder. Because of all this violence, America has become overrun with senseless murders. Many have become numb to stories of mass shootings and murders. These events have become all too common in American life.

  • Every murder is senseless

    Yes, our country has been overrun with senseless murders, as have other countries. Every murder is senseless and there have been many of them recently. We are hearing about them more now and people are taking more notice of them, but murders are not new. We've gone through many periods in our history when many murders have taken place.

  • The country is not overrun with sensless murders

    The United States has not been overrun with senseless murders. The crime statistics show the murder rate is much lower than it was in the 1970s and 1980s. There are high profile mass murders that get a lot of media attention, and violence has been higher than in recent years. But, it is still low by historical standards.

  • How many is not senseless?

    There are a lot of different ways to interpret the question. Overrun? No. Does it happen? Yes. Overrun compared to other countries? I hardly think so. Senseless murders? I don't understand the distinction-which murders are not senseless? Do you mean random violence? I see mostly those acts coming from the inspiration of BLM and the left, and Islam, the latter not being a uniquely American problem.

  • No, in fact it's the opposite

    Violent crime rates have declined these last couple decades. We just have more media in the form of the internet and social media. People hear about things more quickly, including journalists and bloggers who then quickly make their own stories covering the incident. Incidents that would've only been in the local news decades ago now get heard of around the world.

    The only reason people feel like there's an increase is media. This feeds fear, paranoia, and panic, and threatens to undermine our civil liberties and our democracy. We should add "statistics" as a required class for students so they know the difference between statistics and anecdotes.

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