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  • No, Trump has not sacrificed much.

    No, Trump has not sacrificed a lot during his life or recent campaign. He was born into a wealthy family and received a loan of one million dollars from his father to get started on his own; since then, he has never been hurt by any of his failed business ventures or pyramid schemes. Quite the opposite: students of Trump University and investors in his failed building plans have come away financially ruined while he has gone on with minimal personal loss. Nothing seems to hurt him, and rather than sacrificing a lot, he has had an advantage from the very beginning.

  • He hasn't sacrificed anything.

    Donald Trump was handed money on a plate to him when he was younger. Which he then used to build up his empire. Truthfully, with his personality, he has not sacrificed anything because he wants to be in the spotlight and have people talking about him. He loves the attention, far from sacrificing he is gaining significantly from his current behavior.

  • He has it all

    This presidential run for Trump is just an exercise in narcissism. He just wants the title and power that goes along with the job. He is the most bullying human I have ever seen. He is used to running over people. The only sacrifice he has made is what amounts to a few dollars for him. He is paying himself back in spades because he holds meetings at his businesses, he gets reimbursed for using his planes etc. Trust me, he knows how to bilk the government. He has been doing it for years.

  • No, he has not.

    Trump is a very rich man who has taken advantage of many, many people. He seems to get whatever he wants, for the most part. This is not examples of things that a person who has sacrificed a lot has done. If anything he has sacrificed the lives and livelihoods of other people.

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