• Yes, information is power.

    WikiLeaks has grown to be more powerful than it was ever thought. Over the years, we have seen leaks that we never thought we will ever see, we have known great secrets of leaders and nations and all the conspiracy that goes on around the around. WikiLeaks has drawn its information from such information.

  • It was always too powerful.

    Some information should remain out of the public's eye for a specific period of time to protect a country's interests. I'm not saying that governments should be able to hide all the information they want to indefinitely, but our governments need to become transparent so that they can share information without worrying about the next election.

  • No, it has not.

    WikiLeaks is a way of balancing the secrecy in the world. Since there are still many secrets that are being kept by the organizations that WikiLeaks attempts to expose, it has not outgrown its usefulness and is not too powerful. We need an organization like WikiLeaks to help keep the balance.

  • WikiLeaks is a valuable check

    I do not believe that WikiLeaks or sites like it have been too powerful. On the contrary, I believe that it is fair to say that sites such as these provide a valuable, almost essential, check on governmental information and propaganda controls that would otherwise be almost unopposed in the modern world.

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