• Modern-day feminism: Re-inventing the wheel on "SEX" in "SEXISM"

    My biggest gripe with modern-day feminists, is how they have brainwashed my generation (I'm born in 1988) that "equality" includes women having the "choice" to NSA sex - aka: One night stands, friends with benefits, etc. As if they are winning by "Sticking it to the man" or "Who says only men can do that?". The ONLY THING this has accomplished (in the veil of "equality") is a rise in unplanned pregnancies - not to mention abortions -, the rise of single mothers, as well as YOUNG mothers who are under 18, and ultimately has driven down the numbers of people who remain [faithful] in their marriages, or even choose to get married at all! We also have so many women who not only *think* like men, but act and dress close enough to one. This has not caused men to treat women equal in a sense that I believe THE original feminists rights activists would have wanted, but instead have caused many [American] men to seek out their LONG-TERM partnerships and/or marriages with women overseas, claiming that these women seem to be the only ones left who remember that they are in fact, women! There's nothing wrong with wanting a better life and an option to choose your path, but I draw the line where these new *Feminists* think they have to stop wearing make-up and dresses, have casual sex (which by the way, women are naturally prone to experience a higher rate of negative emotions through such actions), and swear like a sailor, in order to "prove" they are "equal" or that "We can do what men do, maybe even better". Yeah, I'm a woman who may *Love* to shop, but I AM NOT buying this bull!

  • They hate men!

    Feminists have a history of hateful comments about men and the preaching of violence and dehumanizing of men to the point of absurdity! They think in order to have equality they have to put men & boys down. If history has taught us anything it is that that never works in the long run! That's why I oppose them!

  • There is no difference between male and female anymore.

    Where has the charm gone? Why is it that females must scream equality at just about every opportunity they get? Every single workplace I have worked at - I have encountered these women. It's like this, if they don't get their way - then they WILL make you suffer one way or the other, it's like it's personal to them, like wanting this as some sort of weird victory, regardless of whom it hurts or if it destroys the company, just as long as they are in control. I never got that. How is that winning?

  • Yes, they have

    Frankly the whole concept of women's rights and the groups of specific chunks of the population is crazy. It implies that different groups are not treated equally under the law. Women and men should be held to the same standard as far as the law is concerned. No unequal treatment either way. Wish feminists would understand that and reflect it in their actions.

  • It will get to the point where equality is not enough

    One thing i hate about feminism, is that they chant for equality when it suits them. I have not once heard or seen a "Female Drafting" protest. It has only been for more money for less work they have to do. What about for rape accusations? A female can accuse whoever they want for rape, and the courts would believe them (until no evidence if found). But where are the male rape victims of females? Apparently, a majority of some population doesnt seem to care about them enough to talk about them

  • Some have gone too far.

    Some feminists have gone way too far. A certain few have moved outside the realm of women's liberation into what basically amounts to discrimination and stereotyping of men. Not everyone can be neatly grouped into distinct categories and the over arching assumptions that some feminists have to come to about men can not be applied to all of them.

  • Men are all pigs?!

    I'm sorry, but women are NOT oppressed - Yes, they get paid less, but that can and will be changed with a few demonstrations - not the gross stereotyping of men. Now all men are seen as sexist pigs, and every woman is seen as a victim just for being born a girl!

  • Take this into your consideration...

    It may be that women need more right compared to men, but some women have gone waaaaaay to far. Just look at some of these quotes:

    "Politically, I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated." -Catherine MacKinnon

    "As long as some men use physical force to subjugate females, all men need not. The knowledge that some men do suffices to threaten all women. He can beat or kill the woman he claims to love; he can rape women…he can sexually molest his daughters… THE VAST MAJORITY OF MEN IN THE WORLD DO ONE OR MORE OF THE ABOVE."
    - Marilyn French

    "Women have their faults / men have only two: / everything they say / everything they do. "
    -Popular Feminist Graffiti

    "I do want to be able to explain to a 9-year-old boy in terms he will understand why I think it’s OK for girls to wear shirts that revel in their superiority over boys. "
    -Treena Shapiro

    If this isn't extreme, then what is?

  • Did they name it wrong or what?

    Feminists claim to fight for women's rights. Maybe they do. Undoubtedly, women do lack rights in several areas, but if so, then why call yourself feminists? Why not equalists? Not to mention how uncomfortable I feel with society around me giving preferential treatment to women, from metro carriages so entrance fees to public areas. Religious reasons? Not an argument. Chance of sexual abuse? There was a chance of being killed by feminist when I took the bus yesterday. The whole idea of feminism reeks of sexism, but aside from their purported ideologies, they have been doing some good work. Perhaps it's time to stop and review.

  • Some, yes. Join me for a short story.

    Here, sit down for a story real quick (sorry feminists, you can stand if you'd prefer. I don't want you to have to sit and feel inferior because you indirectly followed an order from a man)

    Early last year, I started dating one of my best friends since 7th grade (I'm 22 now). We were together for about 6 months when one morning, (we'll call her Analisa), woke up vomiting. This happened a couple days in a row.

    "Babe, are you pregnant?" I asked.

    "No, that's not possible" Analisa spit back sharply.

    "Well babe, we did have unprotected sex a few times, it's entirely possible. Can you take a test? I'll go pick it up now"


    So, this continued for hours, we fought, yelled, and said some pretty nasty shit.

    The next day, Analisa left on a cruise with her family. She was distant and cold. She spent the whole time using other male bartenders and crew members to flirt with and make me jealous. It was pretty sad.

    On the final day of the trip, she face timed me. She was ECSTATIC. It wasn't like a switch had been flipped. She was suddenly bubbly and smothered me with "I love you"s and "I miss you"s.

    "I have amazing news!" She said through her beautiful smile.

    Me, a little caught off guard, "oh yeah? What's going on?"

    "I got my PERIOD!!" She yelled as she danced around the room in glee.

    I hung up.

    She was worried about it? Yeah.

    Sadly, she cared more about stretching the ever-living shit out of her "rights" than she was about doing the right thing.

    Needless to say, we are no longer together in any way, shape, or form.

  • Absolutely totally not.

    As women are innately inferior to men, they will always require extra help. Not only that, its very "anti-sexist" to hate men. You know, give them a dose of their own medicine. The best way to end sexism is to be sexist against men until they learn the harms. Women are naturally more aggressive and more athletic than men, which means their under representation must have come about by external forces, like men's aggressive and athletic nature, pushing women aside for thousands of years.

  • No they have not gone to far.

    No feminist have not gone to far. All they are seeking is an equal right in everything a man is allowed to do. They want the same pay, the same benefits, and the same equality that men still seem to have and women still seem to struggle for till this day.

  • No, they haven't gone nearly far enough.

    Gone too far with what? Feminists have not gone nearly far enough in insuring that women in this country get treated with respect, get equal pay for equal work, and get certain considerations for bearing children and raising the next generation of our country. Feminists should be shouting from the rooftops every day, striking at work, and voicing their opinions vehemently throughout this country until positive change takes place that puts them on equal footing.

  • No, feminists still lack some rights.

    The rights of women are still not up to those of men. In some countries they lack some of the basic protections and rights that one should expect. Feminists need to continue working to get some of the things that they feel they should have and be allowed to do in their lives.

  • Not every man BUT DEFINITELY A LOOOOOOT of men and women treat women with a dose of misogyny

    We treat feminism today the way we treat racism: we pretend that we have long beat the misogyny and that women have all the rights in the world. But the evidence supports that women cannot get equal rights, equal pay, be adequately treated by justice systems. Men suffer from these systems too but less than women. Women are treated as objects to be ogled at, we still blame women for "giving reasons" for men to sexually assault them in subtle or less subtle form, we are now in the age of the "emancipated" crowd where pc people make "sarcastic" misogynistic comments, we laugh at the awkward sexist guy and we sympathize with them and then later they become Louis C. K, the harmless man who cannot possibly be blamed for sexism because he is "too beta". Alpha and beta, putting women on scales from 1 to 10, praising women from certain countries for having "true value" and being "truly feminine". For fuks sake... Look at Netherlands. Learn.

  • Fighting for equality and equity.

    There’s a certain resistance to the rights women get no matter how much we try to prove it wrong.
    For example, women do get special priveleges of having a separate compartment in trains and metros but it’s not because ‘ women ‘ want it, it’s because there’s a mass- problem of guys sexually harassing women in such crowded places.
    Other priveleges such as women get to get off from work early if the work is extended during night hours making them looks like ‘ people who get to earn money executing less work’ it’s not like they are not willing to work, it’s only because they don’t want to be the next victims of the predators( rapists ) hunting for them.
    Any women who is trying to bring ‘ equality ‘ in the society for all genders, specifically to women is called a feminist.
    Any woman who thinks that females should get special rights over a male. That could be considered wrong.

  • Fighting for equality

    Some might argue that feminism has gone too far, since women go out in the streets, only to seek for attention. And they are! They DO want attention! But guess why? People won't listen to them. I am not a feminist but for them to keep asking for rights, it means that those rights weren't given to them yet. They are not asking for the impossible. All they are asking for is EQUALITY. And the fact that people believe asking for equality has gone too far, is heart breaking. Everyone deserves to have the same amount of rights and opportunities. They are fighting for EQUALITY.

  • Some have, most havend

    Really depending on which country you are living in, there is still so much more need for feminism. However, the problem is with the radical feminists, they shout loudest and those are the ones you will remember. I, as a male, tried to attend 3 feminism info evenings, of which i was refused by 2 to participate because i was a guy. These people are the radicals. However, the average feminist are often not in clubs, they try to better the world around them themselves. And ill try to be part of that.

    Please everyone, leave aside what happened in the past. Yes, many guys were sexist years ago, but we are in a new generation. Please dont punish guys for what their grandfathers did. If you want the support of men (which id say should be a big part of solving the problem) you need to be on the same side, not fighting them

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