• Money better used elsewhere.

    Expanding children's museums with more interactive exhibits and more programs. Perhaps have a wing of the museum where digital media can be check out and a few internet kiosks. Brick and mortar building to house paper books is no longer cost efficient. Most books you can obtain through Amazon for $4 (shipping cost);

  • People still use Libraries, even if its not for books.

    I agree with your statement bigdave, libraries are a collection point of knowledge and preserving history. And besides that, there are many low income families who cannot afford home internet, so they must go to a library to use their computers.

    I need 50 words. I need 50 words. I need 50 words.

  • Some patrons may be obsolete.

    Libraries are the collection point of knowledge. Libraries are not obsolete. Perhaps the idea some people have of what a constitutes a library is what is obsolete. Just as cassette tapes were replaced by compacts discs and then by streaming audio, the make up of the library collection will change, but the library concept will never be obsolete.

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