Have Mischa Barton's recent social media posts been too inappropriate?

  • Yes, Mischa Barton - and the media - have shown a total disrespect for the officers that serve and protect us.

    We need to wait until all the facts come out before rushing to judgment over a mobile video taken towards the end of the altercation. What we do know is that a multiple-time felon was illegally in possession of a firearm and also breaking the law by selling bootleg DVDs/CDs. He was tased by policemen twice and still fought back, failing to comply with orders of law enforcement. Do those in agreement with her criticism - those turning this into a "race issue" - realize that, relative to Blacks, the number of Whites killed by police in similar situations is ridiculously higher?

  • Yes, they have been inappropriate.

    Poising with champagne on a yacht while talking about victims of police brutality is insensitive and is a perfect example of how out of touch this celebrity is. While she might have some empathy for these victims, it is clear that she has no real understanding of what it is like to be black in America.

  • No Mischa Barton's posts haven't been too inappropriate

    In this day and age, social media serves as an outlet, and should also be protected by the First Amendment. What Mischa Barton chooses to post on HER own social media accounts is her business, and for those that think it may be inappropriate, should probably unfollow her account instead of gripe about it.

  • Social Media = Free Speech

    Outrageous actions by celebrities and politicians is, sadly, the norm. Even if some people consider the posts inappropriate, who are we to judge? More often than not, things posted on social media are done so to fan the flames of an already inflamed situation. I, personally, wouldn't post things like that out there, but who am I to judge someone else?

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