• Breaking laws to protest against laws

    All of time when people try to politically protest whether it is because of laws that are in place or policies they dislike they will get violent and break laws to prove their points, which in my eyes is unacceptable. To cause harm or to do things illegal to prove your point kind of degrades your point a little, don't you think?

  • Yes, many political protesters are going too far.

    While many protesters keep things civil, many are getting too caught up in the emotional side of politics. The current political climate is highly charged, and some extreme protesters are resorting to violent or destructive protest methods that only further divide the political parties. Those types of extreme protests are not productive. The ideas an energy of those protesters could be used in a much more positive way.

  • Yes, they are now the conservative oppressors they used to oppose.

    Politically correct mob rule based on self-importance, arrogance, sense of superiority and conformity to stupid ideology is replacing law. Criticising people who have a different opinion and trying to force them to leave their jobs despite them not doing anything illegal by ganging up on them is despicable behaviour in my view.

  • No, the have not.

    Some political protests, such as the one where KKK and members of the Westboro Baptist Church started throwing urine at each other have gotten out of hand, but that does not mean that protests in general have gone too far. Protests are an important and necessary part of the Democratic process.

  • No, the right to protest peacefully is one that is sacrosanct

    The idea that political protests today have somehow gone too far ignores the context of the protests. These protests are against those that are literally staring them down as they are protesting. While protesting bankers and politicians may seem calm, the bankers and politicians are rarely staring the protesters down as they are protesting. This is a heated issue and given the context, the protests are completely within the lines.

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