Have scientists misled the public with falsified reports on global warming?

  • More than likely, yes.

    All my life, I've been told that the environment needs to be saved, that it WILL be destroyed in 5-10 years unless we do what the environmentalists tell us. We HAVE been doing what they've told us: recycling, curbing pollution, setting aside wildlife sanctuaries, punishing poachers, and making ever more fuel efficient vehicles.
    But it's never enough. We're always on the verge of global environmental collapse no matter what we do. And if anyone, ANYONE comes forth with evidence that all is not as bad as it seems, they're shouted down, discredited or ignored.
    I'm pretty sure that climate scientists only look for such evidence that'll support their global warming claims, and ignoring any evidence that doesn't fit their hypothesis. That's bad science, and a great deal of them get their funds from politicians who use environmentalism as a platform to get votes.
    So it becomes a vase of "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours".
    And let's not forget those that make money over global warming scares, those who write books, go on speaking tours, sell hybrid cars, fabric shopping bags, and products with "Green" plastered on the label so as to boost sales among guilt - driven consumers looking to feel superior to everyone around them.
    If global warming were no longer seen as a major world problem, how much money and power do you think these people stand to lose?

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