• It depends on what you mean by "fun."

    One person's fun could be another person's humiliation. One person's serious could be another person's silly. The problem is not so much that we've forgotten how to "have fun with stuff these days." The problem is that we (as a whole) lack the moral fiber to understand what should be fun and what should be serious. Some people in this society think that animal cruelty is fun. Other people would walk right over a dying person to go play a video game or watch a sitcom. What's wrong with this picture?

  • Yes, we have forgotten how to have fun

    It is typical for many Americans to be overworked and be serious about their lives so they forget to have fun. It must be our competitive nature to succeed and focus on our pursuit of material things. We forget to just have fun and so we must remember that all things are going to expire.

  • Yes, we are far too serious

    Yes, we are so serious that we've forgotten how to have fun. In reality, when we can have fun we are more creative at work, home and school. Having fun makes the day go by faster and the hours more pleasant, wherever we may be. It's time for people to take seriousness down a notch and learn how to have fun again.

  • No, we have not.

    People still know how to have fun, with and without electronics. Kickball is a popular game these days, as is hula hooping. People like to play board games, go hiking, play sports, video games, socialized with friends and a wide variety of other fun activites. As a species we have not forgotten how to have fun.

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