• My hand was supported by an angel when starting my patients IV on 3 separate occasions

    I prayed to myself for help in starting patients iV sites-each of the 3 separate occasions I felt the support and guide by a guardian angel. I could have had my eyes closed and I still would have got it. I am an RN. As soon as I had the IV site, the guardian angel support was gone. We are not alone on this earth. Have faith in God.

  • It attacked my mind.

    There I was driving a robot (long story), when this massive thing appeared at a high altitude. I took this massive spear and tried to impale it. It then tried to take over my ride and started ripping my mind to shreds. I got bailed out at some point, but it was pretty horrible.

  • Yes I do believe so.

    I was like 5 years old and this old man picked me up after school, he told me he was an angel and so started touching me. I didn't know angels were so hands on, he kept telling me he loved me and how I should kneel down and pray to Jesus while chewing on an old sausage for good luck.

  • It was so Beautiful

    First question is: do you believe in angels?
    I believe in them and i believe that they are real. I have once been touched by an angel. One time i was very sick and there was an angel when I sleep and something just came to me and it was an angel they said to don't lose yourself and I said okay and i woke up and the doctors said she will be fine. You can take her home tomorrow.!

  • Of course not.

    In order to have been touched by an "angel," such a being would have to exist. There is no evidence that any such things exist or have ever existed.

    However, speaking metaphorically, I have experienced the kind of emotional response that I imagine people are trying to describe when they use a phrase like "touched by an angel." I just don't choose to attribute it to nonexistent beings.

  • Are you joking?

    Angels do not exist. If you saw an angel while you were sick, it was most likely a result of a fever induced hallucination. I am sorry to people who look to angels for help, but the only people who can help you are yourself and your loved ones. Toughen up and focus on reality.

  • Is this a joke?

    Angels do not exist so it is theoretically impossible to have been touched by an angel. Unless this implies a metaphorical definition of the word angel, I can not say YES to the question at all.
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PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-05-04T00:18:52.593
Yes, I was touched by an angel, and guess what... It did no no things to me... (mocking).