• The lack of scruples has been quite evident to all who wished to all who wished to see it. In the past by the democrats

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    The lack of scruples in the democrat party and its hierarchy has been quite evident to all who wished to see it. The evidence was there for anyone who wasn't blinded by political blindness to not recognize corruption when it was so openly flaunted in front of the public.
    Political corruption has been how things got done in the democrat party 'play to pay,' party machine.
    Examples galore are available to demonstrate the democrat parties crooked tactics from buying votes, John Kennedy's dad admonishing John Kennedy not to buy any more votes than necessary to win the election, for example, to the Hillary Clinton ran State department where Friends of Hillary were rewarded with lucrative jobs and company contracts after they funneled money to the "Clinton Foundation.
    But a new level of blatant disregard for America's laws by the democrat hierarchy was recently on full display at the democrat National Convention when those in charge of running the convention invited a illegal immigrant Mexican and her daughter to appear openly on the democrat national Convention stage. Apparently the democrat party was showing their total contempt for the nations citizens and the sovereignty of the nation by doing this. Has the democrat party no shame, that question was answered long ago but a new low for the democrat party has been reached by the party when in an effort to ensure the Mexican vote the democrat party would flaunt the laws of the land in a " In your face," move by the democrats, said screw the laws and America's citizens, we're above the law.

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