Hawaii became the first U.S. state to place gun owners on FBI database. Is this a violation of the Second Amendment?

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  • This is common sense

    If all gun serial numbers and owners names are in a general database people will take gun ownership and gun safety more seriously. It will be a deterrent for using those same weapons to commit crimes because it's easier to identify the owner. This really is a more evolved way of thinking and dealing with guns and gun owners.

  • Hawaii's gun rules do not violate the Second Amendment

    Hawaii's recently became the first U.S. state to place gun owners in an FBI database, which does not violate the Second Amendment. This does not infringe on gun ownership. The Amendment also includes the phrase, "a well-regulated militia." Therefore, registering owners should not be a problem. In fact, individuals were never mean to even have the right.

  • No, not a violation

    The fact that Hawaii has become the first US State to place gun owners on an FBI database is far from a violation of the second amendment - this is an act that is motivated purely by the goal of saving lives and making law enforcement's job's easier when it comes to preventing murders.

  • Hawaii is leading the charge on gun control

    The state of Hawaii made headlines when they started putting gun owners in an FBI database that will allow them to monitor the activity of those owners and possibly prevent gun deaths. This is no violation of the Second Amendment: individuals are still allowed to purchase and own guns, it's just that now they will do so with greater oversight.

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