• Yes it is Ethically wrong.

    Even if a head transplant could actually work, which is highly unlikely, it is ethically and morally wrong because it requires cutting someone's head off from their body. It seems unlikely that a head could be transplanted without someone being killed and the research needed to perfect the technique is morally questionable at best.

  • Head Transplants are a miracle

    Head transplants are a miracle when the surgery can be done effectively. Every surgery is a miracle so why would a head transplant be any different. If you can save someones life why wouldn't you do it. Now there's always going to be those corrupt cases but the majority will be a miracle.

  • But it's really a body transplant

    If you transplant a head then the new head-body combination has the memories and wiring that comes from the head, not the body. So the person is the same person who donated the head.

    This is definitely a miracle. It will help save many lives. Maybe someday we can grow a new body too from the same person's DNA, so immune system reactions wouldn't be a problem.

    It's also amazing that this technique may be able to repair spinal cord damage. That will allow people to walk again.

  • Miracle surgery for sure

    Any surgery that can prolong and help life should be celebrated. Whilst I would want to see more hard evidence of the impact of this surgery, I think it will be something we can work on and develop. By saving human life, and studying this, hopefully we can remove some of the ethical dilemmas as well.

  • Not only am i skeptical of success.

    Thinking along the lines of other organ transplants, how does one come by an able physical body without a head.

    Sure there are ways to die with a splatted head, while the body has little to no damage. Not only is it rare, but for the body to be transported to be viable for surgery is too hard to manage.

    Im scared for kidnappings, and unexpected deaths for the sake of a "smarter" brain...

  • Thats just wrong

    This is really creepy. If your head has to be transplanted then the essence of you is essentially gone. Why would anyone choose to do this? At some point we have to draw the line. If I have passed on, the last thing I would want is someone walking around with my head or my brain (even though it's a good brain).

  • Its ethically wrong

    Why should someone cut somebody's head? A head transplant cannot be done without cutting off someone's head and this is wrong. If people would like to have smarter brains, they should try to work on their brain and not get someone else killed and get his/her brain. This is wrong.

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Skeptical1 says2016-08-15T03:33:45.650
Why didn't the severed head go to the party? Because it had no body to go with.