Herbalife charged with deceptive practices, agrees to $200 million settlement: Does the FTC crack down on enough businesses for deception?

  • FTC Needs to Raise the Bar

    Herbalife restructuring their Multi-Level Marketing operations, and the $200M penalty isn't enough for the chaos caused. There are many people duped by this company into restructuring their lives to make this a lucrative investment. People invested their time, money, and lives to this mockery of a self-employment. The truth is, the majority of the investors, spent so much, and earned so little, or nothing. The last thing you want with your business is to lose money. The FTC really needs to raise the bar.

  • Yes, the FTC cracks down enough for deceptive business practices.

    The Federal Trade Commission is very strict when it comes to holding businesses accountable for what they advertise. Yes, there are still companies that sometimes get away with deceptive business practices and false advertising. However, these cases are the exception, not the norm. The FTC aggressively prosecutes companies that attempt to deceive customers with false advertising.

  • The FTC does not crack down enough

    The FTC does not crack down enough. This is because I imagine there is some pay to play going on between government and business. I am happy to hear about the $200 million settlement regarding Herbalife because it is a great example of things going right for the American consumer.

  • No, they have relaxed.

    FTC has done little to crack down business for deception. There are a lot of business out there that are into deceptive [practices but due to incompetence of the FTC they continue to to reap off the government of taxes. I hope the Harbalife case is the beginning of major crack downs to conducted.

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